Why Did Obi-1 Let Anakin Live?
I was wondering why Obi 1 didn't kill Anakin for good at the end of ROTS.
I mean, I know Anakin was pretty messed up, but he was still alive. Why didn't Kenobi make sure he was dead? You might say it was because he was Anakin's master and friend, and couldn't bring himself to doing the whole thing, bur leaving him there, all burnt and cut and suffering wasn't what we would call a nice gesture either.
I say, let him live in one piece or finish him off. Why give Anakin a slight chance to survive, when you know he has turned to the Dark Side and may be the death of you (which he finally was)?
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Obi wanted him to suffer a long painful death because of his murdering the children and Padme. You don't suffer pain if you die instantly. Confusedtorm:
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Anakin was sat there burning and helpless, Obi-Wan had no more feelings for him seeing as he wasn't the Anakin he knew. Obi-Wan saw the burning body and thought that Anakin was as good as dead.

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General Grievous is a whole lot easier to say.
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He must have thought he was going to die anyway, it isn;t the Jedi way for Obi to just maliciously leave him lying there just to so he would suffer, nor would it be the Jedi way to just go and kill him while he was lying on the ground.
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Yeah, he probably thought he was gonna die anyway, Edpayasugo. If I hadn't known that he was going to become Darth Vader, I would've thought the same. He was pretty much a piece of burnt flesh.
But I like what Ladijedi says about Obi-1 feeling kind of terrified at the time, or confused, or hesitant. You must definitely feel something like that after leaving someone who used to be your friend and apprentice in a state like that, no matter how evil that person became. If one of my best friends turned really mean, I don't know how I would react. I don't think I would stop caring about them.
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well personally i dont thinbk that obi wan could have taken much more of that situation, how could he have known that an armless legless log completely engulfed in flames and sliding down a lava bank would survive.
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Lord Supreme Wrote:Obi wanted him to suffer a long painful death because of his murdering the children and Padme. You don't suffer pain if you die instantly. Confusedtorm:

No obi loves anakin so why would he want him to die in pain....He left him there because he thought that he was gonna die but in the end he didnt...And also he didnt even in the first place wanted to kill him as he said that to yoda and he didnt want to hurt him no more..

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And also he was an unarmed prisoner....
ok look at it this way,
youve known your best friend since your single digits, youve grown up together, gone to school together, and even lived in the same dorm together.
lets take it farther, now you work in the same business togther, and have gone on several vacations. now imagine that you just burned and maimed your best friend in the world. dont you think you would be a little...well, in shock?
i dont think wouldve known what to do if i was in that sitch.:dead:
i dont think he knowingly left him to live. i think he thought he would slowly succumb to his wounds (mind hes legless armless, and on fire). theres no way he could think that he would survive.
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Obi lhad to et Anakin live because Lucas hasn't decided to digitally remove Darth Vader from the original trilogy yet.
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Who would think that anakin would live when hes 2 feet from lava and trying to climb a mountain with a machanicle arm on fire? Not obey wan. And also let the man suffer for killing children etc. I wish star wars was an 18 so we got to see that Tongue
This is another of my out-there assumptions, but I think that Obi Wan knew that Anakin would survive and become the leader of the Empire. I think he left him alive realising that he would eventually enlist Luke as a Jedi, and Luke would then become the most powerful Jedi to live. I think he foresaw what would happen and think of all the good that Vader's uprise would eventually cause-Luke becoming a Jedi, Yoda coming out of hiding. Also, if Vader wasn't born then the Emperor wouldn't have been killed. Maybe Obi saw that he had to do bad to do good.
Sorry, Hobo, your theory sounds great but it's too far-fetched! Obi-1 isn't Nostradamus.
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I knew people weren't going to believe my prediction-it is far fetched but I think the whole 'he's still friends with him so he lets him live' is a bit far fetched aswell. He leaves him to burn to death for God sake-Obi Wan is hardly that sympathetic!
I think the simple truth is that we will never really know, unless Lucas comes out and says it himself. IMO I really think that Obi-Wan thought that Anakin was going to die anyways, but it was hard enough for him to fight Anakin (as he told Yoda, " I can't kill my own brother"), and if it were me in obi's situation I couldn't finish off Anakin.
I honestly feel that Obi's cuts to Anakin were purposely done. Using the force, a Jedi can strike with great precision. And with the "I can't kill my own brother" comment that he made, it makes sense to me that he meant to strike that way. If you play that scene in slow motion, you'll see Obi-Wan swing twice and the lightsaber lights up the way it does when it hits something twice. I honestly think that he meant to do it.
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I'll try that slow-motion thing.
I agree with you overall. Obi-1 couldn't bring himself to killing him, but he thought he was going to die anyway, so...
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