Which lotr charactor would you want to be if you could
I'd like to be an Uruk-Hai!
i would like to be borimier a soilder of gondor or gandalf and have all that power
I would love to be Arwen because she's brave, and she keeps faith that Aragorn will come back to her. And in the end: HE DOES!!

yeah weeelllllll... actually it would also be cool to be a dark rider (then I get to ride those cool nazguls!!!!!!)
I'll be Elrond or Haldir of lorien, Elrond is wise,powerful,strong and he's from the beginning, and he have a wonderful daughter. haldir is juts cool. and both is elves
well i if i was a girl charactor i would love to be arwen cause shes an elf and elves just rock but if i was a guy i would like to be either glorfindel or aragorn
elven_wraith bids thee welcome, are there any with the authority to treat with me?
Naturally Saruman. But i would not turn my back on wormtongue, in fact i would be the one who pushed him off the tower, and plus i might have not overlook the riders of rohan. Idiot wizard.
Quote:Faramir. I'd like to have a big brother like his!

I would be Faramir too because he is good with both a sword and a bow.
"The Ring will not save Gondor!"
"It has only the power to destroy!"
I'd like to be Bilbo, or Gandalf. Bilbo, because he's a hobbit, and I love the life of a hobbit. Or Gandalf because he's really old and wise, and he's walked on roads that he doesn't tell us. But if I was him, I know the roads. And both Bilbo and Gandalf leave on the ship to the Grey Havens. (I would like to see what "a far green country under a swift sunrise" actually looks like if it looks like anything more than what's described)
I would like to be either Aragorn or Faramir, because they both are good fighters::warrior: , and they both are part of Gondor, not Rohan::crazy: ,:lol:
"...A day may come when the age of men comes crashing down, but it is not this day. By all that you hold dear on this good Earth, I bid you stand, Men of the West!"
I think it would be cool to be Treebeard! I mean, c'mon! What's better than being a walking, talking tree that really kicks butt?! (Only joking!) But anyway, it would be cool to be an ent.
My secound choice would be Eowyn. Rohan would be a fabulous place to grow up in, plus I'd get to kill a fell beast and stab the Witch King in the face. Woot!
You have a debt to pay. You owe Davy Jones your soul. That was the agreement. Time's up.
I would definitely be Pippin, even though he's a "Fool of a Took"Smile.
1. He's my favorite character.
2. I love hobbits.
3. He's the funniest person in the movie.
4. Part of what makes him such a good character is that most of the time he's totally oblivious to everything that's going on.
I would have to say BEORN!!!!! Hes AWSOME!!!!!
Mercyless Wrote:I would have to say BEORN!!!!! Hes AWSOME!!!!!

Beorn???:confused: Who is that?
If I could be any Character in LOTR it would most definatly be Arwen. She is beatiful and strong and most of all she is the woman Aragorn Loves and gets to KISS HIM 3 TIMES!!!!!!!! I would do anything to be able to kiss Viggo Mortensen and especially Aragorn!!!!!!
Butb if I was a guy, I would want to be Aragorn because he is The best Fighter and The Best looking by a mile!!!!! Smile

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