Which lotr charactor would you want to be if you could
If you were to be any lotr charactor who would it be and why?:boar:

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Gandalf, cause he's wise, powerful and appears since The Hobbit book.
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Easily Aragorn...I'm a Dunedain and the King of the new dominion of men. God save the Pope!
i would say gandalf. he is the most powerful and he could beat everyone. he showed a sample in the 2nd one. remember when they think he is saroman and they attack. he breaks the arrow and axe and makes aragorn drop his sword. he is also most wise.
When you say lord of the rings, does that restrict it to the triligy or do you simply mean anything from that world.

Because I would like to be Ulmo, because he's really powerfull. And I like water.
Aragorn, Legolas, Frodo, Gimli. Any of those cool people.
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Aragon, the chicks like him.

Obviously the Elf chick ain't seen him in the remake of 'Vanishing point'.
I would go with arogorn because he wipped lurtz in the felllowship somewhat
I would be Aragorn because he never gives up and when he gets angry he kicks some butt
Faramir. I'd like to have a big brother like his!
i would so be Pippin, not that i have anything against merry but i dont really like yellow
but i do like being short and having all the fun
erm.... ever arwen or bill the pony yay bill
I would definately love to be Eowyn. She's intelligent and she fights for what she believes in. Strong and loving woman! gives her life for the ones she loves and cares for.
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Me wanna be da Orc who lights da TNT wit da torch! BBBOOOOOMMMM!!!


I would want to be an elf! I could be like 500 years old and look like I'm 20!! That would be fun.
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I'd like to be one of the random gondorian soldiers that survived. That way i would be able to witness the epic events that took place in my lifetime, but not have the weight of the world on my shoulders.
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either faramir or elrond. both look like excellent marksmen and swordfighters, and both are high ranked.
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I would like to be an orc!!! Why:

1. I would not have a bad hair day.
2. No guilt complex when I loose my temper.
3. Colour co-ordination
4. Whether my bum looked big in this.
5. If some one said my bum did look big, I could cut his head off.
6. Would not have to carry a hand bag.
7. Worry about whats for tea.
8. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day.
9. B.O.

theres heaps more!! but I sharnt bore you.
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