Interview with Matt Wagner about 'Batman and the Monster Men'
I don't keep up with the comics like I used to many years ago. They went off in what for me were odd, undesirable directions. But every now and then I stumble across a bit of news about one of the classic lines that interests me. Matt Wagner is re-exploring Batman's early years with a rewrite (in modern terms, of course) of "Batman and the Monster Men". This is a classic pulp comic premise.

There are some scans of panel art (click on the images for larger views). Here is an excerpt:

Quote:The original "Batman and the Monster Men" story had Hugo Strange using an injection to create a legion of freakish monsters whose sole purpose is to wreak havoc. Readers of Wagner's retelling of the story will learn the origin of Strange's obsession with Batman, but Wagner will be portraying the professor in a different light. "I tried to make Hugo a tad more sympathetic," Wagner stated. "He's a radical genetic researcher and he's trying to figure out genetic manipulation to a point where he can guarantee human perfection. Of course it keeps going wrong and he keeps ending up with these monstrosities."

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