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Incase anyone doesn't know yet, Renee's got a new video added to her website. I watched it but dang the volume was pretty low I could barely hear it. Anyone else have that problem?
Very interesting clip tho.... and wondering if that is the whole thing or just a very long snippet.
I'm assuming this is "One Weekend a Month?"

If it's about 10 minutes long, and is basically her on the phone to her mother, to a (sort of) ex, and to her friend, then that's it. It was a short film. Smile
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Yes Had the same problem. Maybe someone should tell her. And the image is so small I cant see anything good. Xenagabby888
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I sent an email - we'll see if it gets fixed. Also noticed her "Send Renee a Question" link doesn't work either. I pointed that out too.
Have you guys tried this site?

(sorry if the link is wrong but I watched it there and it was a good size and volume)
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I still got crappy sound from that site - anyway got a response and they fixed the link on her site and will look into the quality of sound on the video.

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