Anakin actually seems like a "rice-rocket" kinda guy to me. I picture him in a fully tricked-out lowered Nissan or Honda with low-aspect tires sticking out the fender sides like a roller skate, neon ground effects, $20,000 candy paint job, and nitrous, driving like a stuntman from 2Fast2Furious.

Jar-Jar Binks: a moped with wobbly wheels & a sawed-off muffler.

Darth Vader would ride around in a shiny black antique Nazi-era Mercedes limo, with stormtroopers on motorcycles (full-dress touring BMW's?) escorting him.

Yoda: 1967 Chevy impala, barely runs, muffler scraping the ground, body the color of bondo and rust, bald tires. And a stack of phone books on the driver's seat...

Mace Windu: somehow he seems like a Mazda Miata kind of guy. A green Miata, that's it.

Count Dooku: a charcoal grey Jaguar

Princess Leia, or her mom Amidala: Chevy Camaro with the V-8 and T-top. Stock red paint freshly waxed, with shine applied to the tires.

Luke Skywalker: An entry-model Saturn he's 2 months behind on payments.

Old Ben Kenobi on Tatooine: a Toyota FJ-40 (real) Landcruiser with spare tires & jerrycans tied all over, & a permanent crust of dust.

Jabba the Hutt: a bus / motorcoach motorhome

Senator Palpatine: A plain white Ford Crown Vic

Emperor Palpatine: a black stretch Lincoln limo, escorted by Emperor's Royal Guard in Hummers.

Han Solo and Chewbacca: a semi rig with a sleeper cab the size of a small camper, and a stretch space on the chassis ahead of the hitch on which a chopped Harley Sportster can be secured sideways. (I've seen such a setup! Don't ask me how the guy got his bike on & off!) At any given time, they each have 2 logbooks, at least 3 CDL's, a packing list that states they're hauling a load of tax-exempt kosher baby food for charity, and two extra license plates.

Darth Maul: black Dodge Viper, or maybe a Ferrari.
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No, no, no, Obi-Wan would always take public transportation, he would not own his own vehicle.

Jar-jar would have a Uni-cycle

Alvin Eriol Wrote:Count Dooku: a charcoal grey Jaguar

Spot on there, man. As for Leia and Padme, though, I thought of them more as 70's Corvette girls but definitely red T-tops.

Luke flies an X-wing by choice even when he has better options so Luke would obviously drive a newer model full size 4 door, probably whatever model the police in the states use most often.

Han and Chewie are obviously Van guys, Probably a Ford Cargo van with a few "special modifications".

Whatever Anakin drives, it's fast and definitley black.

Mace has a Cadillac, Biggest one they have.
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I think Yoda should have a black limo with his own driver.
Han and Chewie should have a flying RV. (Spaceballs!)
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Darth Meela Wrote:... I would give Han a motorcycle, not a car. And a good, fancy one, like a Harley...

You can't smuggle much on a motorcycle. Han would have to have a truck or rig of some sort, that's his life. If he had a motorcycle, he would have to get a side car for Chewie, Chewie would insist.
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Admiral Ackbar might drive one of those new hybrid cars. Might car-pool with Qui-Gon Jin.

(Can't be more specific, I'm not very good at distinguishing car makes.)

Artoo goes nicely zipping around on a Vespa scooter (with Threepio screaming at the back!)

Admiral Thrawn... I'd say a either a BMW or a Volvo. Refined and reliable.

The Ewoks: cram the whole tribe into a Mini, and watch out, world!
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