Where can I get the books?
Everybody keeps talking about Star Wars books, and I have never been able to lay my hands on any of them. Are there available to be read at any sites, or do you know how I can get them? Thanks!
May the Force be with you (and with me)
Any regular bookstore should have them, Borders, Barnes and Noble, Bookland, Walden Books, Books A Million, etc. The newest version was released around the time of the new OT DVD set. Its all the novels in one volume. I know there is a gold one like the DVD set, there might be a silver one (the DVD set came out in silver/ gold becuase you could get wide screen/ full scree). It is soft cover.

-Vos; Republic #77

Vos lives!!!!!!!!!
Thanks bluejedi, I'm going to check it out.
By the way, do you like R2-D2, or did you choose his picture because it was the best of all the ones that were available?
(I'm asking because I chose him too, because I like him AND because it was the best of the bunch- oh, and I also thought nobody else had it :bgSmile
Oh, one last thing. Did you read any of the books? Is there one that you thought best?
May the Force be with you (and with me)
You can find just about any book at Amazon.com
i have seen the books at target when episode 3 came out im not sure if they are still there thought try target.com
Thanks for the hints, I checked out the sites and saw some pretty interesting stuff.
May the Force be with you (and with me)

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