Luke and the New "Jedi" Order
Okay, after RotJ Luke Skywalker makes the New Jedi Order. But, forgive me if i'm wrong, his sister and him both get married and - to my knowledge - at least one of them has children. Isn't this completely against the old Jedi of the Republic?
Perhaps that's why it's called the New Jedi Order?
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Yeah okay, fair enough. But it's not exactly Jedi if the disagree with the Jedi way is it?
The NJO has no knowledge of the forbidden love, besides it's working out fine.

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Maybe that's why the Jedis before the New Jedi Order were so arrogant, or just envious of the ones who loved, because they were separated from their families. Or maybe not.
Luke didn't have much to go on the Old order since the Emperor destroyed most of the records and well there was no one left to tell him since he wasn't able to talk to Yoda, Obi-Wan or Anakin after Zahn's first trilogy of books. Basically it came down to the authors then didn't know what Lucas had planned now but I'm assuming Lucas told them what to not do.
I can imagine quite a bit.
It was part of bringing balance to the force. Anakins job wasn't to bring balance to the Jedi, but to the force. The Jedi aren't the only force user, the Sith were part of the force too. The Jedi had many flaws and they weren't willing to change, not being able to love? That is insane, how can a Jedi fight for something they believe any if they can't love it, it's to exetreme! And then the Sith were on the other end, they were obsested with useing there emotions for revenge. Everything was out of balance. Luke was part Jedi part Sith, he loved but he wasn't crazy and only used it for good, he was balanced.
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Yes I think some of the best things about the EU is Lukes struggle to form the new jedi order having next to no knowledge of the previous one.
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