Building a real lightsaber
building a real lightsaber is not possible because there cannot be light equally potent in the light "tube" and obviosly it won't make the clashing sound it makes when two sabers crash
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If a lightsaber were possible I doubt if it would ever be available to the public. If such technology existed today it would probably be highly classified.
Mara Jade Skywalker Wrote:If there really were real lightsabers, i think GL would be the Master/teacher who would teach us how to work with a lightsaber(lol). No, really. Maybe the midi-chlorians are only GL's fantasy, but i wonder if they are real. I heard that whatever man imagines it really exists. So...

i have heard there is a religon called jedi or something hwere they belive in midiclorans or something im not even sure if its real
Deathborn90 Wrote:Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum...well back to the lightsaber topic. i would think it impossible, why?, because light cannot be controlled by anything...let me explain. light will go on as long as the energy it carries lasts if it is depleted then the light will disappear, so if u make a saber with very dim light then it won't be strong enugh to harm, and if u have a lightsaber with a strong light, you will not only harm the other person but destroy the surroundings(GREAT!!!:bg: ) and obviously it will not make the clashing sound if u join two sabers

wow that is well thought out actually you are right too
Then how did the make the lightsabers for the movies???
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Darth Krispy Wrote:Where there are lightsabers there are Jedi and where there are Jedi there are Sith and where there are Sith there is a big party!!! Just kinding about the last one! Maybe you guess should work on the cure for AIDS or something.

i agree with you why are you wasing time and money on more violent weapons
its not possible to make a light sabre

even if you can make it why are you going to make more violence ther alreadyis enough problems in the world if there are light sabres noone will be able to use them like the jedi i the movies because they use the force

like darth krispy said ues the money and time to cure a sickness not make more wrong with the world

post bac on this is you agree
Of course I agree with myself, but some people can use the force, like me.
Krispy CHICKEEEENNNNNN!!!!:jawdrop:

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