What IS the difference?
What's the difference between a Dark Jedi/Sith Lord and a broken Jedi? I think i know, but i'm not sure. It is a relative subject, i think.
A dark jedi uses agression and the Dark side of the force. A Sith Lord is specially trained in Sith abilities.
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Yeah, but that's not what i was refering at. Don't the Dark Jedi/Sith Lords fall to the Dark Side because they want to, from they're own will? And the broken Jedi fall to the Dark Side because they're forced to? For e.g.(from KotOR, more obvious): Darth Malak is trying to break Bastila, and he manges to do so.
A dark Jedi is someone who can go back and forth from the light side to the dark side. But I am not intirely sure.
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A dark jedi is neither neutral or good in his use of the force, but neutral in the grand scale of the doings of the universe.

It seems to me the sith fought more for causes and ideals, and whilst there are some people who can use the force but are not under the jedi order (i forget their name) who are law abising citizens (for example), there are others that can use the force, not in the jedi order, but use their abilities for darker (albeit less serious) deeds. Like mind controlling someone they want to seduce for example.

All speculation however.
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Maybe, but i was refering to the difference between a Dark Jedi and a broken Jedi. I think i know the difference, but i'm not sure.
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At the HALL OF THE SITH LORDS website it describes the history of the Jedi. Originaly, the dark jedi were outcasts and defeated by the light jedi. When the went into seclusion, they went to a planet and the people there were called Sith. Eventually they concoured these people and one Dark Jedi, the leader was called Sith Lord. After much killing of each other and wars to become the Sith Lord, it was one Darth Bane I think(not sure), said that there would only be 2 Sith Lords. A master and an apprentise. There really is no difference between dark jedi and sith, just a matter of when they went to the darkside ancient history when they were callled Darth or just there name like Exar Kunn.

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