name of arogorns sword
what is the name of arogors sword from rotk isnt it something like anduril or something:question:
arg510 Wrote:what is the name of arogors sword from rotk isnt it something like anduril or something:question:
Yes, that's it. It means "Flame of the West"

What might confuse some is that (in the book) before it was reforged by Elrond's smiths, its name was "Narsil".
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oh yeah thanks i think it changes name because they reforged it? :confused:
arg510 Wrote:oh yeah thanks i think it changes name because they reforged it? :confused:

There is no reason given by Tolkien for Aragorn renaming the sword but it does occur after the blade is "forged anew".

An interesting little tidbit, both Narsil and Anduril shone with their own light. It would have been nice if Jackson had caught this in the movies.
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Yeah it would have been cool . Tolkien doesn't have a reason but i would guess that it would be a new begining so a new name.
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Actually, the name may be metaphorical. Andunie was the name of the Numenorean fief that Aragorn's family had once ruled. Narsil's original name would mean some thing like "moon fire" or "flaming moon". So, the reforged sword appears to have been named in honor of the Lords of Andunie: "Flame of Andunie" or "Spark of Andunie" or "Light of Andunie".

That is, Tolkien may have intended a double-entendre, since Andunie was the word for "west", and Anduril represented the hope of the free (western) peoples of Middle-earth.

There are a few other names which seem to have specially broad meanings like that.
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I haven't had the opportunity to look into it, but I cannot help wondering if there isn't an etymological connection between "ril" (spark, flame) and "spirit" (I know that "fea" is the word for "spirit"). I don't think so, but if there is any sort of connection then Anduril could also metaphorically represent the "spirit of the (free) West".

I have been out of circulation for a while, so I'm just catching up on last week's discussions.

This one is a bit of a stretch. In English, the metaphorical application has been established. I don't know if Tolkien created a similar one in Elvish.

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