The Island - Did anyone see it?
I was just wondering if anyone has seen The Island?? I saw it a few days ago and even though this usually isn't my kind of movie, I really liked it. I won't give anything away but it was quite thought provoking in terms of where the world is heading in genetic engineering.
It did remind me a bit of Logan's Run (old movie from the 70's - boy am I showing my age here- lol), but I thought it was really good nonetheless. Of course, there is also plenty of action and car chases and stuff getting blown up for even the biggest action movie fan.
Anyone else have any thought on the movie?
It was a decent-to-pretty good movie. I had built up anticipation over the past couple months and wasn't disappointed. It was certainly an enjoyable movie, despite a few script problems (namely, some laughable dialogue and a few Da Vinci Code moments). It had an excellent cast, and that's what kept me going. It also raises a thought-provoking issue in the conclusion.
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I was intrigued but I got scared off by the putrid reviews.
I want to see this. I'm generally not into that type of movie but it looked interesting.
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I want to see this sometime. I'll wait until it's out on video
I rented this on DVD last night. Mediocre might be a slightly slightly harsh critique of this movie, but when it could have been so much more, mediocre seems appropriate. It was a polished piece of work, with some great cinematography, solid acting, and thrilling action sequences. Originally I was very keen to see this movie, until I learned that Michael Bay was directing. From a man who has given us the likes of Armageddon, The Rock, Bad Boys, etc., the premise just wasn't going to be enough to get me into the cinema to watch this.

The premise for The Island is a very interesting one, revolving around cloning and harvesting body parts. With a different director this movie could have been a 'cerebral sci-fi' movie, rather than a sci-fi actioner. Dare I say that someone like Spielberg or Proyas (Dark City, I, Robot) maybe even Andrew Niccol (Gattaca), could have brought a whole different spin into this movie - a more cerebral or thinking man's horror.

You guessed it, I would much rather have seen this dealt with as a serious piece of thinking man's sci-fi, rather than the actioner fair that Michael Bay treated it as. Great idea, but just didn't deliver on the idea!

~ Matt
Yes! I watched it last weekend, and was pleasantly surprised. I do like Ewan McGregor, so it had that going for it. But Michael Bay's movies are usually pretty empty. This one had some stuff going for it, I thought.

I felt that he actually did deliver on the idea. Because I was really thinking about it after the fact. Could it happen? Would it happen? Is it happening? What would I do if I found myself in the position of the lead charcters?

Proyas would have done it well, too, I think. Don't know about Spielberg, as I watch his recent sci-fi stuff, I find it's too involved with Spielberg themes rather than worrying about the story.

Bay's such a product placement doofis, though. Did you guys notice all that? I can't recall any film in recent memory that had so much of it. Most of it was harmless enough, but in a few instances it clashes with the plot of the movie.

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