Greatest ever Jedi!
My brother and I were having this discussion not long ago. Neither of us could decide who was the number one Jedi in all of the six Star Wars movies.
I tend to go with Obi-Wan Kenobi. I just love him! In my opinion, no Star Wars character - let alone Jedi - has more style and more finesse than Obi-Wan.
However, I can see why people would consider a number of other Jedi.
Yoda is obviously one of the wisest and most powerful. He gives superb advice and guidance to all characters in the films. I think he might be slightly overrated though. He could almost come across as aragont, in a respectful way.
Mace Windu was powerful. Light sabre duels were always exciting when Mace Windu was participating in them. But I think the fact that he wasn't strong enough to stop Anakin turning when he had the chance makes him slightly less great.
Qui-Gon Jin seemed to be wise. He realised Anakin's potential and he trained Obi-Wan excellently. But let's not forget that Anakin turned and Obi-Wan probably surpassed his old master. And he didn't really have long to shine did he?
Are there any other worthy candidates?
Tell me what you think. I find this debate fascinating so please tel me your thoughts on the matter.
I think Yoda is the greatest Jedi overall.
I agree with you. Obi-Wan was one of the greatest Jedi ever. But from my point of view (if KotOR counts), Revan(if he/she is on the light side) is one of the best Jedi. Although it wasn't his/her choice, he/she becomes a very good Jedi.
Obi-Wan was a great jedi but he was no Yoda. However if it was Yoda from Ep. 1-3 and Ben from 4-6 then thats a question. Other wise Yoda wins hands down. i mean he has his own speak that he does.

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