Sin City
I'm planning to go to the movies tonight, or maybe tomorrow, does anybody knows if SIN CITY movie is good? I read some comics and I liked them.
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I wanted to see it but never got around to it. People who did either liked it or didnt.
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You're only just getting it now? I'm sorry you had to wait this long.

The movie is quite amazing. Brilliant cinematography and art direction, with a knock-out cast to match. Visually stunning, with wonderful dialogue. Definitely not the type of movie that comes out very often. The main characters are quite complex, leaving you pondering over how "good" or "bad" they truly were (indeed, this is a film that doesn't embrace those absolutes, and focuses more on revenge and emotional turmoil). It's been criticised for excessive violence, but I personally didn't find it too disturbing. And if you're a fan of the comics, you're guaranteed to love this movie. Miller's novel provided the storyboard for the film, and parts of it are literally shot frame-for-frame, making it the most faithful film adaptation ever made.
However, I feel that it is slightly overrated. It's been often paraded as the best film of the year, which I don't agree with. But anyway, most of the praise it receives is well-deserved.
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I loved it.

'Nuff said.
Sin city is Lausanne:roll:
I saw it last night and I loved it. It wasn't like anything I had ever seen. I didn't catch wind of any of the hype and i knew only a little about it but it was just amazing!! the cinematography was absolutely fantastic they did a great job staying true to the comics. the characters were all very interesting and the story was good. it was a bit sensory over load i thought after a while but the violence didn't bother me so much, although i found some parts to be pretty mentally disturbing such as farmboy kevin. i really loved the soundtrack too, im thinking ill have to buy this movie when it comes out!
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Ok, thanks a lot to everyone.
":boar: And in my last hour I'm a slave to the power of death"
I just saw SIN CITY and all I can say is that to me it was AWESOME!!!:clap:
":boar: And in my last hour I'm a slave to the power of death"

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