complete list of works?
Is there any where a complete list of Miss Norton's works? The list on her web site ends in 2002. Thanks.
Yes, and what on earth is THE METAL OF THE DEATH, "to be published" in May 2002?
The moderator of this forum is the keeper of the complete list. Complications apply. Right now, she's off to Worldcon so I wouldn't expect her back, or to be answering much for a few weeks.
I'm home now.
I'm also sick right now.
Mystery titles, are often the "working title" of a book,and the title was changed when actually published.
I have never heard of METAL OF THE DEATH. I'll check the web site.
You can check for the Bibliography addenda, but that isn't much better.
Please use the "Send Email" link that should be someplace on this post, and send your address. I'll try to email the complete list to your electronic address.

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