Snape Book 6 (SPOILERS)
I am quite surprised that virtually everyone believes Snape is working for Voldemort. Not once during the reading of HBP did I doubt that Snape and Dumbledore had covered for every contingency including DD's death. Snape's actions if carefully dissected demonstrate he is still aiding Harry. If DD had not convinced Snape to kill him if necessary then DD knew Draco would die. DD's pleading to Snape on the tower was not to save him but to do what he knew Snape must do to save Draco and place Snape in the best position to continue to aid Harry when most needed. There is still no doubt in my mind that Snape is still loyal to DD and will in the end either save Harry or die trying or both. I was surprised in HBP by Snape's power. HBP's potions book was obviously the work of a brilliant wizard and Snapes abilities during the climactic fight were impressive.
You're not the only one, Jestre, although we are the minority at the moment. Hopefully that will change.

I agree with you in that I also think that Snape had told Dumbledore about the unbreakable vow and that Dumbledore had ordered Snape to kill him rather than see Draco or Snape die.

What made Dumbledore so mad at Snape during their argument was Snape's refusal to kill him. Dumbledore's emotional pleas were not for mercy or of weakness. They were exactly the opposite. Dumbledore was pleading for Snape to carry out his order. What a sacrifice on both their parts. Not only do Draco and Snape live, but Snape earns Voldemort's full trust and so Harry now has a better chance of living. I believe that Snape's deep anguish and disgust was self-loathing for what he had done.

The way JK Rowling wrote the ending was superb. On the surface, it seems like the generic bad guy ending. Snape is the bad guy who ridicules Potter and has a lengthy monologue, only to be humiliated by being chased away by the hippogriff. On a deeper level, the true story is knowing that it was planned from the start between Dumbledore and Snape and what a tormented soul he was for having carried out the order. You can really feel his pain. Just thinking about Snape brought tears to my eyes.
I see where you guys are coming from. but we must let i'm joking. You guys set up a good argument...he's dead for sure. i don't think there's much of a point arguing that because harry's binding curse was lifted after Snape "attacked". yes you can still argue that he did it to save Malfoy and Snape. If it was planned why not tell Harry? I mean there's not reason to keep him clueless. If a guy's sent out to protect him (snape..) then atleast tell him he's on his side. Malfoy's a sissy who wouldn't have killed Dumbledore if his mothers life depended on it.
what u have said are valid arguments, but im going to throw this out there. i think j.k. rowling tried to forshadow dumbledore making a mistake that would result in his death by having dumbledore say to harry (modestly) that because he was cleverer than most wizards (anc withces), the mistakes he made seemed to cost him and other people more than less clever peoples mistakes.
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At first after finishing book 6, i suspected the same as what Captiang said, that dumbedore made a mistake! But after thinking of a few things, I agreed with what the rest of you said! Snape is loyal to dumbledore, because from what I think, he and dumbldore most likely did the unforgiveable curse with each other over the fact that snape must never betray him. And that's why through all the series despite the fact of his hatred against harry, dumbledore always trusted him. And I think that was the second purpose of jkr having a chapter on the unforgiveable curse.

And despite the fact that I don't really like snape, how else would have dumbledore known about the 'plan' if there hadn't been an inside job? Therfore i believe snape told dumbledore on how voldermort wanted him dead! And that's how they planned everything out.

But sorry to say I couldn't help the fact that Dumbledore still died! I couldn't believe it even after it all happened! I thought I read wrong being that I stayed up until 4:30 in the morning to finish reading the entire book, which took me two days to read! Anyhow, I had to face the facts though that indeed Dumbledore did die.

1.He had no wand to ship him to safety.
2. Fawkes left after singing his song.
3. and most importantly, his portrait was hanging among the rest of the dead school headmasters in the office.
hmm.. i can see what you mean.. but there are still majore problems with this..

1. Snape can't go out in the open, allmost every wizard hates him for what his done.
2. Snape helping Harry - You heard Harry, if he ses Snape - lets just say it wont be pretty. And yes i know that Snape was way better than Harry at duelling in HBP, but come on, Harry is supposed to try to kill Voldemort in the next book. Which means that Harry has to become a suberb dueller, because eaven if he have the power that the dark lord knows not, i doubt that harry could try to kill Voldemort if he was'nt a good dueller.
3. I think cooperation between Harry and Snape is next to impossible, if you have'nt noticed - there is some serius baad blood there. And to say that Snape is treating Harry like he has deserved, thats just a laugh..

But still... only one knows how this is going to end :-)
I think Snape is on the good side. But i also think he will die in the end, as everyone hates him, and he will get put in Azkaban for using the unforgivable curse.
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I think Snape is evil but will do something in #7 to redeem himself. Hopefuly, his redemtion will result in his death.
I agree that Snape was in on Dumbledore's ultimate plan. I can't help but hope that Dumbledore will somehow be resurrected in the next book #7 much like Gandalf in TTTIdea Does anyone else think/hope this is possible? BTW I have found many more similarities between HP and LOTR in #6, but I'm sure its been discussed to death by now :dead:
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