X-Men Trilogy
I went to see F4 last Friday and finaly saw the teaser poster for X3 (Who else has seen it? What did you think?) I can't wait for it to come out, I really like the last two. Last I heard, Kelsy Grammer (sp?) was going to play Beast and rumors are flyin like craxy (as usual) about the rest of the cast. I haven;t been staying on top of this to well, but I think Beast, Angel, and Gambit are set to be in it with Gambit and maybe Angel being small roles. A long time ago I heard the Sentinels were front runners for X3.

I heard (on imdb.com, I think) that there was a scene shot for X2 for when Cerebro (sp?) is going to kill all the mutants with Prof X's help that showed a bunch of mutants with there powers going crazy and Gambit was in it (someone from the crew did the part). This scene has never been on shown in any X2 version.

Also in X1, a scene was cut with the original members first learning about their powers. This included Cyclops destroying a high school bathroom with his optical blasts.

I'm a fan of all X-Men, but not quite up on all the happenings since there are so many incarnations and "alternate universes." I know a the basics of Uncanny (the original) and watched X-Men Evolution. Everything else, I'm kind of vague on. The movies, imo, are good representations (aside from Cyclops).
From what I've heard, Nightcrawler won't be in it, Gambit will be in it briefly, Juggernaut will appear (played by Vinnie Jones), Kelsey Grammar will play Beast, the director has made up his own mutant who seems to be similar to Stacy X. I wonder what they're doing about Storm. Will they replace Halle Berry or just not have Storm in it.
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