the new book
How long do you think it will take you to finish Half Blood Prince?
Let's see...if I get it Saturday afternoon, I'll have it finished by Sunday night. Hehehe!

How about you, Knuckles?
it depends when i get it. on a weekday probably three days, on a weekend prolly six hours.
Don't do nothing.
It will probably take me two days, the fifth one took me two days
Se onr sverdar sitja hvass!
I'm reading it from Midnight on... it'll probably take me till sunrise, at least...
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My son and I are both getting ours at midnight, but then when we get home I can send him to bed and start reading mine!! We always have a race, but he'll probably beat me this time. Our average is about 3 days but my current obsession with Big Brother is probably going to get in the way! hum ho, I should let him win once in a while anyway.
Probably about six hours. Unless I fall asleep. I'll ingest lots of caffine.
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Tomorrow I'll buy mine, I can't wait.
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three hours although the last book took 3 days it was during school when i got it, and i had alot of homework.
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Today I'm getting mine!! I just can't wait!!
":boar: And in my last hour I'm a slave to the power of death"
It took me 8 hours to read the last one so abou that i would say
Fear my mad l33t skillz!
it took me 4 hours to plow through the last one. I read too fast. it has taken me almost 4 hours to finish this one... i was forcing myself to go slow. Sad *sigh...*
it took me 13 hours because this time I truly wanted to enjoy it...though I'm probably going to read it again pretty soon.
I'll probably finish tomorrow evening....I've just discovered something really nasty....and I hope the curriculum is changed....and I see Malfoy is going to SHINE in this book....grrrrrr....
Oh gee - if only insecure bozos did it for me - I'd be the happiest guy in space

See, this is how it's going to happen - I'm going to count to ten and I want your answer by seven. Hunt out!!.

Dylan Hunt - oh yes - pure class :drool:
i took me a bit more than a day, but i slept quiet a bit and did some other stuff. i i guess it took me about 20 hours, maybe a bit less.
i'll prob finish 2morrow
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i got it miday saturday and finished it sunday afternoon. it was awseome
I finished it last night, and I broke down into tears, I couldn't stand it. It was bloody awsome, brilliant, but I can't believe it.
I got it on saturday the 16th at 9 o'clock, started reading half an hour later, I read all day long, fell asleep for three hours in the evening though, and I finished the book at half past six in the morning, I think I spent about 19 hours on it.... I'm not a very fast reader...:poke:
Judging the time in which I was reading... midnight to 3 in the morning (when I fell asleep over it) then from ten in the morning (when I woke up) to 12:30 (when I stopped to eat) and from one (when I finished eating) to 3 in the afternoon (when I finished)... let's see... that makes... (adding quickly in her head) 7 1/2 hours. Judging the entire time... from when I got the book to when I finished it... 15 hours.
Part the mists and look beyond... there you will find Avalon.

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