Still in De-Nile
This past weekend I went to ReaderCon, as small "book only" convention in Massachusets.

People that I haven't seen since February or March were stopping me and asking how well I was doing since Ms Norton's death.

I realized that I haven't started a thread here for some time. I have an "arc" of a co-authored book that I haven't read. I am re-reading old Norton titles.

I am deep in denial.

Friends, I guess this is going to take a while. I don't expect to get over Ms Norton's passing, any time soon.

I doubt any of us will get over this event anytime soon. I know I won't.

I know in my head that the Lady has been slow to release new titles in the last 5 or 10 years, but I keep checking the bookstores anyway. I found myself looking for new Norton titles just the other day. Sometimes the heart won't accept what the mind knows.

Maybe what we all need is a Noton-themed con somewhere we can all get together and commiserate. Smile If you need to commiserate in the meantime, someone will always be here.
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Same here. I have been kinda avoiding checking this forum much since Andre's passing. It depresses me. I feel the loss. It hurts.


I haven't even felt like reading her books. I purchased a couple of her items of jewelry from Sue on Ebay, then placed it nice and neat in the area of my bookcase reserved for Andre's books. I haven't even sorted the bnooks since my move, I just put them together with the letters, book plates, bookmarks, and other little presents Andre sent me over the years.

Sometimes I see something I think might interest her, but as soon as that thought crosses my mind, I realize that she is no longer there to receive such a letter. My eyes mist, I take a deep breath, and I lock it away.

I don't know... I imagine many of us feel the same way.
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I know how y'all feel. I still long for that sweet voice on the phone. I will be passing through an antique or junk shop and see an odd or unusual cat figurine or picture and think about sending it to Andre, and then it hits me-I can't do that any more. I have vacation coming up. I may make a pilgrimage to Cleveland for closure. It probably won't work. Grief is. :teary:
Later Kind Folks--Paul
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I know the feeling, except it's my Dad that I miss. One of the things I've wanted to tell him about since he passed was this board. He was a big fan of Ms. Norton's too.


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