Do the books mean anything?
Realy the books are all aload of crap.The stuff it comes out with,come on.
hmmm. while i agree that there is some crao (eg reborn emperor yada yada yada) there is a lot of quality eu out there. It all really has to do with what you want to believe fits into the sw universe. I myself like to think boba fett survived the sarlaac. I tend to ignore alot of the post rotj stuff (except boba fett) like the yuuzhaanvong war, re born empereror. To me,the prequel era books , and more specifically the clone wars novels fit more into the star wars universe.

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floodamy Wrote:Realy the books are all aload of crap.The stuff it comes out with,come on.

If you think the books(plural) are all a load of crap.
Why don't you be a little more specific as to what books you mean, give some examples, tell us what stuff you're talking about or are you just saying in general that all books since the beginning of time are crap?

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I like hearing about how Obi Wan was trained, or how Luke trains the new generation of jedi.

The books are great.You can only get so much from films. Books can develop characters, and introduce new characters.
floodamy Wrote:Realy the books are all aload of crap.The stuff it comes out with,come on.

You're being too general. Have you read every single book that has come out? Some of the books are not that good, yes but some of the books are entertainable and give us other views, ideas and adventures that we wouldn't see otherwise. If you're happy with just the six films. No worries but other people do enjoy reading the books.
I can imagine quite a bit.
The Clone wars era books, the ones that have come out in conjunction with the movies, appear to be far more tightly controlled than previous books. Lucas did well off the popular Zahn novels, and I think that led to a "rubber stamp" policy that, in turn, led to a lot of crap being put out. The Rouge squadron books, Han Solo books, Tales from... series, courtship of Princess Leia, Young Jedi Knights, and Bounty Hunter books are major crap. They belong on aninter-galactic garbage scow.

However, along with the clone wars books, the Hei to the Empier (Zahn), Yvetihin, and Ssis Ruvi (sp), books are pretty good. I have mixed feelings about the new Jedi order, the plot is a re-hash of the three series I just mentioned, and they seem pretty intent on demolishing anything you see in any Star Wars movie.

Lucas exerts far less control on these books because a) they make him a ot of money b) He let too much slide earlier and can no longer get it back and c) even though it involves Luke and Leia et al., it occurs after episode 6 and therefore doesn't involve any of his movie plans.
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I personaly like the books, in general atleast. I know that there are some that are just dull and boring but for the most part they are very cool and entertaning. Like reading the books with Mara in them and finding out how they fall in love and have a baby. Or reading how Luke is teaching all the new Jedi on Yavin 4. Or reading about Jacen and Janas adventures as young jedi.
Most the ones I mention as bad are prety bad. I can be a petty guy when it comes to writing. Too much mention of obscure races, too many references to Dagobah, which few citizens of the republic should no ANYTHING about. Hoth and its creatures are over-referenced for the same reason. Its like an American picking some remote area of the Amazon rainforest and constanly referencing the unusual species there in every-day conversation. Further, species that would not fit in X-wings fly X-wings, and anymals and races have names that come striaght from a high-school creative writing course. Flying animals on Courascant called "hawk-bats" by people who have never seen a Hawk or a Bat. Frog-like species called Rybits (ribbet, ribbet!). How good would the Star Trek Series have been if Spock's species was the Pointyearians, the Klingons were the Lumpyforeheadians, and Feringie were the Big-eared people of Nigel 7????

Lucas could have called Wookies Sasqacthos, or Ewoks Bearoks, but his people at least took the time to name most species with a rather unique name.
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I thought it was just some sort of recreation of the Emperor or something that came back.
Theres one EU book everyone should read and that is shadows of the empire. Seems like one of the original films... what a classic.
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floodamy Wrote:Realy the books are all aload of crap.The stuff it comes out with,come on.

I really don't agree. I read them, and i liked them. There are a lot of new characters that don't apear in the films. And a lot of places, and so on...

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