a few little snippety updates POTC2/3
Cheers, :hello:

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wow loads of cool news,thanks!
I think Diseny is making a big mistake in making a sequal! No offence but I can't think of very many good Diseny movie sequals. They better not mess this one up!!!
Krispy CHICKEEEENNNNNN!!!!:jawdrop:
yea.but this is big buget,
they say it was written as a trilogy.
I sure hope so, or some one is going to be mad!!!
Krispy CHICKEEEENNNNNN!!!!:jawdrop:
who u?
(the one thats going to be mad)
me, I'll be fine if they have the same actors as the first one, but knowing how Disney does sequals, I'm not getting my hopes up to high.
Krispy CHICKEEEENNNNNN!!!!:jawdrop:
awesome! cant wait to see this. and with keith richards!
Yeah It sound's cool I just hope keith is a good actor or he woud ruin it.
They had better not stuff it up because if they do everyone is going to complain! dose any one know when it is going to come out?

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