Why does Yoda talk funny?
It`s just a simple question, never figured out why Yoda talks that funny Smile maybe he`s drunk all the time, explaining why he takes wrong decicions too Big Grin
I assumed that he used the sentence structure of his native language. Confusedun:

The drunk theory aside, it's not impossible that the oxygen or some other gas in the atmosphere of the planets where we see Yoda affect him in some way to influence his speech patterns. :crazy:

But, that's a stretch. :jawdrop:
Like Yoda's race, his unusual speech patterns are never explained.
Lord Vader, do you use drugs?

Depressants,...most depressants.Cool
Maybe he thinks humans talk funny. *shrugs*


Daniel: Mak tal shree! Lo tak meta satak Oz!

Goa'uld: Mok Tal Oz?!

Daniel: Mak Tal Oz kree!
Talk fine Yoda does...talk funny maybe you do................
I gotta bad feeling about this.

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