Bilbo Baggins to find a Fisherman's Ring, next
Sir Ian Holm has been cast to play the late Pope John Paul II in a new CBS miniseries.

Story here.
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For I was talking aloud to myself...the old...choose the wisest person present to speak to...
I hope he can match his performance in Day After Tomorrow :laugh:
I'm not surprised. Iam Holm looks a bit like our late Pope. Lets hope he can act like him.
Fear my mad l33t skillz!
Awesome! I thought he did a GREAT job playing Bilbo, so I hope he does as good doing that.
If you marry me,
Would you bury me?
Would you carry me
to the end?

(And say goodbye) to the last parade
(And walk away) from the choice you made
(And say goodnight) to the hearts you break
And all the cyanide you

To the End.

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