Andre Norton Book Collection
Anyone interested in discussing their collection of Andre Norton books? The oldest Norton books in my collection are:

Scarface, 1948, 1st, ex lib, w/DJ
Stand to Horse, 1956, 1st, ex lib, no DJ
Shadow Hawk, 1960, 1st, ex lib, no DJ

Although they are non genre historical fiction all are great stories! Who ever heard of a boring Andre Norton...

The oldest SF in my collection is:

Ice Crown, 1970, 1st, w DJ

The only signed in my collection is:

Storms of Victory (with PM Griffin), 1991, 1st, w/DJ

I hope to remedy this omission someday...


I would never have started a discussion about people's Norton collections for one reason only...

Some of the people on this forum have quite extensive collections (not me!) and having them list all the books they have that I don't, would have me in a drooling depression quicker than you could say Korwar.

But since you've opened this tube of e-rations...

My oldest Norton is an x-lib copy of The Stars are Ours, c1954.

I have several signed books, including Catseye (my all-time favorite), and Forerunner Foray. I thought FF was appropriate to get signed, since I named my daughter Ziantha after the heroine. 8^)

Sorry, Paul, I didn't mean to have you drooling...hope you have some kleenex handy in the event you

I suppose I am a bit eccentric when it comes to my books, especially my Nortons...I tend to view them the way most people do their children, grandchildren, etc...they are my babies and I love to talk about them and the prospect of "adopting" do have one human child (grin), he loves his "adopted siblings" too! It's probably an illness or a husband seems to be immune.

In all seriousness, I had hoped moderation would rule the day. By no means was I proposing we should list every single book, just a few to pique everyone's interest...and open discussions, etc. The truth of the matter is, I wanted to start a thread and couldn't think of anything else to say Sad

Dear Angela,

Paul B was probably refering to myself, and Joe G, and Ed and a few other people who have rather extensive Andre Norton collections.

My oldest Andre Norton book is THE PRINCE COMMANDS, 1934, in an eX-Library edition, with a photocopy jacket. I'm still looking for a "fine" condition copy to replace that with.

I have glass doors on my book cases to prevent drool from getting on the books. Then again, I have been on pilgrimage to Andre Norton's home.

When she lived in Florida, most of her books lined the walls of the living room. The books went up about 5 feet. The view of this collection was awe inspiring. [I think someone like Joan Vinge described this in one of the anthologies - ah heck my memory is shot.] This was only the living room, I was told that the books in the bedroom were the ones being read.

Now in Tennessee, Andre has moved most of her collection into the library. However, Andre's own books fill one wall of her office (What in any other home would be the living room).
This is just the kind of thread I love (even though I may gnash my teeth a lot).

Let me start by saying that I'm 51, and have been buying/collecting books since I was in high I have a lot of stuff...but someone else always has something I'd love to have, too. That's the nature of collecting; you're *never* finished.

My oldest Norton titles are AT SWORDS' POINT and THE STARS ARE OURS! (both 1954). I also have the lovely facsimile of the first edition of STAR MAN'S SON--2250 A.D.

I only have two autographed books, the hardcover (book club) version of VOORLOPER, and first edition of GATE OF THE CAT.
Yes Angela, there are those of us who have extensive Norton collections. Mine, is very nearly complete in the sense that most any Norton story I want to read, I have at my fingertips. I have been very lucky in my collecting in that over the years, I have been able to purchase otherwise hard-to-find titles at book fairs, flea markets and yard sales. I use duplicates as trading fodder or gifts. I gave Anne McCaffrey one of my four ex-lib copies(at that time) of Ride Proud Rebel that I had picked up for 25 cents. I now own a nice non-lib jacketed copy I paid (I think) $85 for off of ebay. I am always looking for upgrades. My ultimate goal is to own a fine hardcover first of every Norton that has a Hardcover edition. As a sideline, I am also picking up foreign editions a lot of which have cool cover art.
My oldest book is a first of Ralestone Luck, signed as are most of my hardcover. I am making the pilgrimage next Thursdsay to get my most recent acquisitions signed.
My most prized book is the ex-lib of The Stars Are Ours I picked up at my hometown Library sale a couple of years ago. This copy is my first Norton, the very copy I picked up when I was eight years old. My name is on the check-out card in the pocket. Before I encountered this book,I was an indifferent reader. This is the book that turned me on to reading. It even smells the same as it did 41 years ago--later---Paul
Hi Angela,

Yes there are a lot of Andre Norton books and magazine appearances (or mentions), etc. in this room. Yes almost everything is a first edition and almost everything is signed.

However the real "heart" of the collection is having devoured every A. Norton book in the elementary school library, and then about 15 years ago, choosing to meet the author and developing a friendship which continues to this day.

Just the other day, we had a tornado watch and i remember thinking, how devastated i would be if this room blew away but there are lots of memories that nothing except Alzheimers can remove.

Like Irene, i too am waiting for that fine/fine Prince Commands to replace the ex-library signed first edition. UN-like some of the heavy hitters on this board, I still NEED a first of Murders For Sale, and i agree with you that some of the historicals are among the best.

Follow the Drum, Fine First Edition Signed in a very good plus jacket bought for $12.50 years ago- (one bragg was irresistable) is one of my favorite stories.

and it was C.J. Cherryh who said. " I've seen a complete collection of Andre Norton's books and it haunts me to this day, sort of like the sight of an unscalable Everest." (Irene, i could'nt remember either, had to fetch my article in Firsts Magazine)

Collect on!!
Agressive Pursuer of Andre Norton material and addicted Karaoke singer!
Wait Ed.....
Wasn't it you who begged the clean YANKEE PRIVATEER off of my reading shelf for the $15 that I had paid for it, and then put on a clean dust jacket - giving you a $$$ book?

Now, I cannot replace that reading shelf item for anything in the $$ range.

So - everyone remember. Keep haunting those library book sales.
I once picked up a STAND TO HORSE for 25 cents. OK so I sold it for $1 because neither my self or the buyer had any change. But there was that $10 copy of RIDE PROUD REBEL, and that $25 copy of ROGUE REYNARD

Yes Angela, there are reading shelves and glass front shelves and those !@#$% piles of books stacked on the kitchen table, and on top of the book cases that hold the anthologies.

Unlike Ed, I don't have one room for the books. No [Shakes head deeply saddened.] There are 3 glass front book cases in the living room. There is a pile of books on the counter right next to this in the connected kitchen. The books that I am currently reading are in the small end-table-bookcase between the comfy chair & the rocker.

The Den contains my reading copies of Norton books. Two thirds of the 9 foot wall in that room, up to the ceiling. That wall once used to have a window, but long ago that was covered over with the magazines and photocopyies of reviews and magazine articles, and other notebooks of the stuff (post cards, posters, flyers & Norton advertising material). That room also has two free standing book cases; one with the first edition paper backs, the second with the UK and boxed paperbacks.

Upstairs there is a room filled with books, from all authors. One book case contains the Pre-publication/Advanced Reading copies. Two book cases contain Anthologies with Norton stories. A very tall book case contains the magazines and Oversized books. A very low book case contains the short magazines and audio tapes (McCaffrey) and T-shirts, bulky stuff. On top of all of this are piles of stuff that I haven't put away. Oh, there is also a wall (11 ft) of the other books. You know, hobbies, old text books and other authors like Pierce, Duane, Jones. One other small book case of non-fantasy nor SF, with the Heyers, Hillermans and Allinghams. An entire room dedicated to books. And a single chair.

The upstairs guest room is where I hid the computer. So, normally, when I'm on the computer. The first editions are down stairs, and the other books are across the hall in the book room.

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