I will make a ton of money with my invention
I plan to sell a much needed accessory for lightsabers. It is very simple but really needed. The invention is a small cord that attaches to the end of the lightsaber and wraps around the arm. This way when a Jedi drops his lightsaber (and they drop them all the time) he or she will not lose it. Think of all the trouble this will save. Even Jedi masters drop and lose their lightsabers all the time.

My second invention will be the same cord but wrapped around the midsection of the Jedi. This way when the Jedi gets his hand cut off he will not lose his lightsaber over whatever long fall next to where he is standing.
A handy invention. Though I don't think that any of the Jedi around here are planning to get their hands cut off in duels. You can never be too prepared though...
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I'll order a dozen. ... Two dozen.
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Not to be a party pooper or anything but why would they need cords?
Cant the Jedi simply use the force to make the light saber come back...I thought all Jedi could move objects by thought transfer...
I seem to remember Darth Vader enticing young Luke to retreive his and he held up his hand and it zoomed into it...or am I thinking of something else?

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How would you be able to throw the lightsabre if it was corded? Unless you had a SW type of bungee cord. Just pray you dont get whiplash, or an activated lightsabre zipping back at you.

How about having the Jedi or Sith have web shooting capabilites like good ole Spidey? :leech: Ok that is a bit of a stretch. :thud:
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This is great for those who would like to have their own lightsaber randomly returning to them.....possibly "light-end" first.

But I get it....poking fun at Jedi's who can move objects with the force, but need a cord because they still seem to lose their lightsabers!
I gotta bad feeling about this.
Ah but Jedi couldnt force retrieve their lightsabers when they cant see where the lightsaber is exactly can they?

Hmm how about inventing a gadget which generates a force field around a Jedi's body? That way a Jedi wouldnt be hit unaware by stray laser gun fire. The wouldnt get killed off that way.
Hmm...if the Jedi's hand gets cut off...would that, you know, cut the cord too? Wink


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The whole cord invention would be useless if the jedi carried a spare lightsabre in the first place.

Maybe a better invention would be to have lightsabre repelling armor around the jedi wrists?
No, I will make tons of money with your invention!


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