Leia remembers her mother?
sith lord Wrote:I think that Leia is getting Padme mixed up with or adopted mother. I presume that her adopted mother died when Leia was about 2ish as she is not in the original trilogy.At the age of 2 Leia could not probably tell if her adopted mother was here real mother or not.

I think Lucas got his meds mixed up.

That's a continuity error which is to be expected when making movies 25 years apart.

I am certain that back in 1978 he expected that Luke and Leia's mom lived and raised Leia, but by the time he wrote Sith, he changed it.

The same way he changed Han's and Greedo's scene.

I will still direct anyone who thinks Greedo shot first to my seconds, and allow that individual the chioce of weapons.

There are other holes. I'm sure that he didn't plan on Vader building Threepio back in the seventies.
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I can imagine quite a bit.
In ROTJ Luke asks leia what their mother was like. How could leia remember when she only saw her when she was a few seconds old?
she must have been refering to her adoptive mother (greedo.j. russell)
She may not have been told she was adopted. Luke did not know that her mother was not his? I don't think he ever mentioned his mother or what they said happened to her.
It's from Lucas not realizing that he was going to do three more movies, which resulted in some small flaws in how well the stories fit together.
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I can imagine quite a bit.
Nimruzir Wrote:Also, the original actor who played Anakin's force-ghost was replaced with Hayden's force-ghost.

Yeah, but for e.g. i like Hayden. But I think that Hayden's force-ghost isn't sincronised with the elder Anakin's force-ghost. It's much better with Hayden in the role of Anakin Skywalker. Really! :poke:

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