getting actors autographs
how is this done? any ideas?
There are a number of ways to get an actor's photograph, just be advised that some actors actually charge for their signature.

The easiest way is to request it from the actor. Some of them have a specific address or fan club that will handle the requests. They might send you a headshot of the actor with his/her signature across the bottom or something similar.

Another method is to go to an actor appearance, like a conference of some kind. Usually, the actors make themselves available for autographs after whatever speaking they have signed up to do.
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one word:
i see autographs all the time. Some might be fake and forged but i would say at least some are accurate.
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i dunt know how but boy do i wish i did!!!!! :lol:
I have Andy Serkis' autograph (gollum). I queued outside Warterstones bookshop in the pouring rain for 2 hours. He's a great guy

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