Most Skilled W/Ligh Saber
Which of the Jedi/Sith/ General Greivus do you guys think is the most skilled with the light sabre? I think it has to be Luke Skywalker... what do you guys think?
Mace Windu

I think Luke's skill is rather low actually.
Darth Maul: not only can he wield a double ended lightsaber without injury but he can also fight two jedis at the same time, obi wan and qui gon.

Probably a bit of the subject but it seems that Vader changes his fighting styles from ROTS to the Trilogy. In ROTS it is a lot more fluid but in the trilogy it is seems more defensive. This is porbably due to being in the suit and losing his legs. Anyone got any ideas on this?
here is a link about lightsaber fighting styles
I'm kind of leaning towards Yoda on this one...
Obi-Wan no argument, he beat Anikan, Darth Maul and General Grevious
I think Maces skill with a lightsaber was probably the best.
I'm sure under different circumstances, Mace could've beat Anakin.
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I think Obi-Wan has the most skill. He held Anakin to a stand still for the most part. Maybe emotions played a part in that one.
I can imagine quite a bit.
If Anakin had beaten Obi-Wan, then I might say Anakin, but Obi-Wan did beat General Greivous, Darth Maul (and he was pretty good), and yes, Anakin.

Part of the reason I consider Anakin is that he did a better job against Obi-Wan then everybody else, and he also beat Dooku.

I would like to see how well Luke would fight after more training. One of the things about the new trilogy that I actually prefer over the old trilogy is the sword fighting. Frankly, in the old trilogy they were just banging swords against each other most of the time. The new trilogy makes me want to study fencing. Obi-Wan's fight with Darth Maul is pure art, thrilling to watch over and over again. And HOLY CRAP!! The fight between Obi-Wan and Anakin was like Bruce Lee with a sword! I wonder if they had to slow down the movie so you could see what they were doing, like they had to do with the Bruce Lee movies.

If this marks the end of movies with lightsaber duels in them, it is a tragedy.
I'd say Darth Maul or Palpatine, because the only reasons they lost their respective battles with Obi-Wan and Windu was because of the superior force skills of the Jedi, not their skills with a lightsaber. And Darth Maul took on 2 Jedi at once while Palpatine took on four. Obi-Wan never had to deal with stuff like that. Maybe if he had he would have lost. And he did eventually lose to Darth Vader, but then again, he let that happen on purpose, so I guess it doesn't relate to his skills.
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Hands down Darth Maul....highly skilled while taken on two Jedi
Darth Maul was a chump. Yes, his fighting looked good, but was not effective. Aferall he was struck down by a Padawan.
after taking on an almost fully trained padawan and a master, killing a jedi master and being caught unaware by a great use of the force....chump harsh to say the least
In ep II obi-wan says to anakin something like 'if you had practiced as much swordfightning as jokes then you would even master master Yoda', which seems to suggest that Yoda is one of the best swordfighters.

Moreover it seems much more difficult to fight a green ball like Yoda flying and rotating around you very fast, than to fight a big and slow humanoid. :laugh:
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Yoda's strong point isn't dueling with a lightsaber (thats not saying he wouldn't be able destroy almost anybody with one, just that his Wisdom is his strong point in the force).

I'd say that Anakin/Vader. The reason why he lost to Obi-Wan so easily is because he was to overconfident. To emotional. He wasn't thinking rationally.

And Lucas once talked about the Lightsaber syles. He was saying that the battle's evolved throught each movie. ANH, it was just Vader and Obi-Wan and didn't look that exciting. ESB, it was Vader and Luke and it was a bit better. RotJ had the best Lightsaber duel of the old trilogy.

The TPM, there was a lot of Lightsaber usage (for odvious reasons) more than the original trilogy. AotC wasn't anything special. And RotS had the ultimate Lightsaber duel's.
Yoda 100%. We can't forget Yoda is in his 800's. We have seen his power against Dooku where he dominated AND SAVED A JEDI MASTER and PADAWAN which is the greatest single-handed Jedi accomplishment I think in Star Wars. Against the Emperor well, he fell. His size and speed I think leaves the enemy unsure.
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mace no doubt.......
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It's Master Windu, who is the highest ranking Jedi Master. In SWII, even Count Dooku backed away from Windu at the execution arena, leaving the droids and Boba Fett to battle him. And Windu would have killed Palpatine if....
I though Yoda out-ranked Mace Windu.

Am I wrong?

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