Can u guys list me the post books?
When i was younger I read the trilogy of books that included the lAst COmmand. and I read the Truce at Bakura i believe it was called.

Are there official and un-official books?

Any that have come out since (like in the last 7 years)

I have heard Luke turns to the darkside, in what book series does that occur?

Thansx any info would leave me much Abliged.
The books in which Luke has been turned to the Dark Side are the Dark Empire series.

Following straight on from ROTJ was The Truce At Bakura, followed by Timothy Zahn's series Heir To The Empire, Dark Force Rising and Last Command. Then came the Jedi Search trilogy. If you look in any of the recent books, from The New Jedi Order series, there is a full list of all the Star Wars books that have been written and their chronological order.

As far as I know, there are no un-official books as George Lucas keeps a fairly tight control of anything to do with his Star Wars universe. There may be some fan-fics out there in cyberspace, however!

Hope this is of use!

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