star wars music list
name your favorite star wars song, it can be from a soundtrack from a movie or any song dealing with or relating to star wars.
I'll start. i just heard this song by king called shes into star wars. im curious to see if there are any other songs like this goin around so lets keep this goin!
Moving to Star Wars forum.
All your base are belong to us.

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Emperial march baby!
No one ever expects the goat... :devil:
Theres lots to decide from from.
Imperial March
Cantina Band Theme(luv it, have it on my phone)
Droid invasion theme
Duel of fates
The battle of endor music....
Oh god I'm going to be here all day

Matt Confusedhades::paw::coffee:
And she said 'Hoots I cannae get back tae me hoos in Bonny Scotland'
Girl with the Hazel Eyes - Ahhhhhh!
star wars gangsta rap on funny junk...:laugh:
Jedi knight by "Weird Al" Yankovich..
o yeah
imperial march baby
imperial march(lol)
"my my mister anakinguy
darth vador later
but he's still a small fry
he kissed his mama good bye
saying soon i will be a Jedi." i don't know the name
my name is darth vador.
Don't worry about me i'm just a bit wee:lol:
the cantina music, ladada ladada ladadada,dada
The Star Wars Main Theme and the Imperial March are the best.
Can't go wrong with "Duel of the Fates". Just about anything by John Williams is good. I also like the Gungans celebration song at the end of TPM.
call me strange but i like the edited ROTJ ewok final song.
I think the original ewok song was HORRENDOUS!
The SE is much better.

Matt Confusedhades::paw::coffee:
And she said 'Hoots I cannae get back tae me hoos in Bonny Scotland'
Girl with the Hazel Eyes - Ahhhhhh!
I also liked the Love Theme from AoTC.
i like the original trilogy music, more impact and grandness as opposed to new trilogy which is generally more sweeping and elegant.
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I liked all music in Star Wars
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The music that plays at the end of ESB has always been my favourite. After that, I loved Duel of the Fates and also the music in ROTS when Anakin walks into the Jedi temple with all those troops and the music that then plays as all the Jedi are being killed - powerful stuff!
arm Wrote:I liked all music in Star Wars

No debate there.

Jammin, yes, the tune where all the Jedi are killed is quickly becoming my favorite next to the Anakin v. Obi-Wan duel or Battle of the Heroes. One of my other favorites on Episode III is the track, Grevious contacts Darth Sideous. For some reason that one sticks out. I still wish we'd get the comprehensive soundtrack in order of the movie like the the ones for the original trilogry and Episode I but then again I guess the Lucas marketing machine doesn't have enough of my money.
I can imagine quite a bit.
Across the Stars AOTC
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duel of the fates is by far the best
1)Imperial March (best classic piece ever!)
2)Duel of the Fates (the 1 saving grace from TPM)
3)MF Death Star Approach ANH (always gets the spine tingling)

The 25 minute musical majesty that is from when Luke arrives at Cloud City to when the MF jumps to hyperspace is possibly the best prolonged section of music in any film.

ROTS is probably the best soundtrack of all though, as it includeds the best of the new and old.

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