REVIEWS - Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (spoilers)
Okay, if you're lucky enough to have seen an advance screening or one of the screenings for charity then I envy you.

This thread is for reviews, feelings, thoughts about watching the movie.

Note spoilers will be in this thread.
I can imagine quite a bit.
I have this thread for people who have seen this movie, to post their thoughts and reviews.

sith lord please try to keep your thoughts to one post if you are the only poster in a thread.
I can imagine quite a bit.
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Anakin and Obi-Wans duel will last 14 minutes.
Darth Z07 Wrote:Anakin and Obi-Wans duel will last 14 minutes.

So you've seen the movie?

Because this is what this thread is about, what you thought about the movie after seeing it. Is there other things that you liked and disliked about it?

This thread was not meant to post one sentence facts or tidbits about the movie. There are other threads to speculate on Episode III.
I can imagine quite a bit.
Hiya Han


I haven't seen ROTS, but have read some reviewer comments, those who got into previews of the movie.

The main one I read is from an Aussie reviewer who states: "Star Wars fans who contemplated taking a light sabre to their wrists after TPM and AOTC should relax. ROTS rocks."


"Sure all the old faults are there - the wooden acting, the functional dialogue, the messy, overwrought action scenes - but at last Lucas has gifted his millions of devotees a story with a beating heart and half a brain."

Flawed, but with a resounding and worthy conclusion seems to be the gist.

~ Matt
I saw revenge of the sith last nite. a special screening for a toy company. Its best of the 3 newies, obviously not as good as the originals. I was stuck right in the front row so could'nt really get a good all round look at the FX, has its good bits has its crap bits, still doesnt answer all questions for me. Its very bity in places, but will probably go and watch it again, when the cinemas have died down. Want to say lots about it but run the risk of ruining it.
Please, go ahead mpee and clasico and share what you all want about the movie in this film. This thread is titled with spoilers. I'm anixous to hear what people will think as they see it.
I can imagine quite a bit.
Well I was lucky enough to see a preview last night and it was all terribly exciting! Smile

I won't put any spoilers in this cos I would hate anyone to spoil a good thing for me so I wouldn't do it to you!

I think (and this is just my opinion remember) that this one is the best of the three newbies by far. The cgi is good when it's done, this time I think that they have used it where they should have and not where they ought not, thank heavens. I had heard that this was the darkest of all three movies, but honestly I didn't think it was a dark movie at all, really. No-where near as dark as The Empire Strikes Back felt after we left the cinema the first time that came out.

I think it did a good job of telling the story that needed to be told, i.e the why's, when's and how's. But once again Lucas did it in the chopping and frequent changing of scenes method that he has done in the previous two that makes it lack flow and fluency.

I did feel that they crammed too much of the plot in the last half hour really, considering the amount that was still needed to be dealt with, that I felt that it was a little rushed, meaning that some of it kind of lost it's plausability in parts.

That said, it was a really good film. I love to see Yoda fight and we got a really good show of that, and some cracking lines from him too. The whole Palpatine saga was really well done throughout, except for the moment when Darth Vader was born... all I could think was "blimey that was a bit instant?" and Vader's next immediate actions seemed so utterly horrid and drastic that it made it seem so shallow a reason (in the grand scheme of things). Thoroughly glad to see the return of one of my fav characters (the one with all the best lines) and we all nodded in grinning appreciation when this character appeared!

I feel like I must must now sit down with my vids of the original trilogy, because ROTS leaves you on a final scene that gives you goose pimples (if you're an old fan of 3, 4 & 5 like me) and makes you just want to watch A New Hope again, to see the story continue!
I forgot to add, I understand that they had to chop quite a lot out of this to get it down to a 12a. I can't wait to get the dvd extended version, the one with all the editted bits still in, cos I reckon then it perhaps might flow far better and the end half hour (where there is so much of the plot rushed) is probably as originally intended by Lucas, and probably will seem much more plausible.

Perhaps they should have released two versions at the cinemas... one for the kids and one for the adults???
hi there! I've watched the midnight screening of SW and it was superb!!! I'm gonna watch it again today!!!!
The show is great!! The storyline is good. Lucas did a good job but 1 thing that i noticed was that Lucas tried to rush a bit towards the ending by not showing the details of what's going on. Maybe he should extend the show to 3 hours instead of 2.5 hours. U guys will notice the linkages between eps.3 and eps.4 in terms the setting, starships and the casting at the end of the show. I would like to comment more but i'm afraid i'll spoil the show. U guys go and watch it and u know what i mean.
i just watched a midnight screening of it, and it completely blew me away! you all don't give this movie enough credit. from the great opening sequence to the awesome ending, this movie was simply superb. by far the best of the new trilogy, and although i'll prob get blasted for saying this, it was the best star wars movie out of all of them. yes, including the old trilogy. going into it, i thought "it'll be great, but i doubt it will be better than any of the older ones". i love the old trilogy. but this was just awesome. to see the transformation of anakin to darth vader is awesome, jaw-dropping, and tragic at the same time. there were scenes where you were literally stunned and amazed by what you just saw, esp. one w/ anakin in the jedi temple(i wont go into further details). and what's there to say about the visuals? they were by far the best visuals in any of the films, and some of the best visuals in any movie to date. the opening scene was simply amazing w/ all the space battles. and the story was great. i didn't find it choppy or flat-acting, which killed the first two films. the only real cheesy part was a phrase that vader says when he is just inside his new suit. but thats it. and those lightsaber scenes? again, jaw-dropping. theyv'e always fought pretty fast w/ a lightsaber, but the speed of these fights was blazing fast, and very intense. the anakin-obi wan lightsaber scene is w/o a doubt the best lightsaber scene in any star wars film. and the yoda-palpatine one was awesome too. even R2 was cool in this one(very funny, and has some new tricks). overall, i'd give it 4 stars out of 4. i'm still in awe of what i just saw. you all will enjoy this movie a lot!
Vaderrules, I know exactly how you feel. I'm going to go out on a limb also and say it is the "BEST STAR WARS MOVIE EVER!!!"

Why? Because of the emotion. When I was younger, I used to like Jedi the best, but as I got older, I realized that Empire was better. Because of the Emotion. The Emotion in Empire was real and intense. That is what makes Revenge so great. The emotion.

Also, there was the transformation. Near the end, some of the random actors looked like they were from the 70's. That was amazing. The transition from new age republic to 70's faces and scenery, well was just amazing.

I also have a new appreciation for Episode 1 and 2. Just to see the evolution, it almost seems like it's a natural evolution from 1 to 4. Although I'll never forgive Lucas for Mr. Jar Jar Binks. Although I applaud him for extremely limiting his part in 2 and even more in 3 (JAR JAR SPOILER, I only saw one shot of him and he never speaks).
I won't add too much since its already been said. I think this is the best one also. I understand the emotional part of it. I'm playing Knights of the Old Republic II and you have to make similair choices. Only complaints: Darth Vader not getting any action. I had this vision prior to going to the movie of seeing Vader busting a roundhouse kick on someone. Only 2 dark force powers being used, choke and lightning. No martial arts fight scenes like Maul. And finally Mace Windu. The only black jedi in the films gets treated like a $2 prostitute. I remember reading somewhere that Samuel L. Jackson didn't want to "go out like a punk" in this film. I guess Lucas felt otherwise.
I saw the film last night. I am a huge star wars fan and I'd just like to say how appauling it was. There was not one part of the movie that had suspense or really drew you in. The acting was terrible apart from Ewan and portman and it just completely lacked any real substance. The story was perfect and I just could'nt believe that Lucas cocked it up. Palpatine was a joke. I could not take him seriously because he looked ridiculous. Also "I'm afraid you killed Padme"

"noooooooooooooooo". Whats this? I have robot legs. Lets boogy!
It may sound harsh but that is just my opinion.
The only thing that I can say is wow, what a great movie period. Im not gonna hate on an epic series that Mr. Lucas was able to restart over 2 decades later and join together flawlessly in my book. He couldn't have done it any other way without spending more time at the theatre.

Star Wars has always been about your imagination, with it you can fill in the gaps and its always been about watching it over again and gaining further understanding as you go along. I never fully understood Star Wars until I watched it several times and the lines were then all classic. Even now upon further thought of the movies results I continue to understand it better and better. Couldn't have been written any other way.........

***** ( 5 stars ) all the way
I saw the movie at midnight also. I thought it was really good and definitely the best of the 3 "pre-quels". I really liked how at the end, they tied it in so well to the beginning of "A New Hope". However, I thought they left alot of questions unanswered and felt like the last 30 minutes of the movie were really rushed. I thought they could have explained more.
For instance:
1) Why does Luke know his real name and that Owen and Beru are his uncle and aunt but Leia has no idea that she is adopted?
2) If they were trying to "hide" the babies from Vader, why wouldn't Luke's name have been changed? And why would Leia be in the Imperial Senate? Wouldn't Vader "sense" she's his daughter?
Also, I thought the scene where Vader breaks out of the restraints that are holding him to the table after his transformation was pretty stupid. He looked like a stiff 60's frankenstein breaking away from the table.
Just my opinion. However, as I said, I thought the movie was really good and will definitely go see it again. As someone else pointed out, as with all the Star Wars movies, you really miss alot the first time and have to see the movies at least a few times to catch all the subtleties.
Definitely at least 4 stars out of 5 in my book.
i thought it was fantastic, i was extremely happy about them getting rid of the puns like what c3p0s every line was. it was basically noon stop lightsaber kill fest, which didnt dissapoint me at all.

the thing i was VERY disappointed with was mace windus final fight/ death scene. first off. Palapatine kills the other jeid, including kit fisto without barely lifting his lightsaber. they pretty much let him hack them down. Mace fought pretty well, but he just got zapped, then hand chopped off, and out of the window he went. They said it was going to be spectacular but i found it anything but that.

there were many emotional scenes as well which was a bit of a break from new trilogy like when the jedi were getting slaughtered, and especially when analin turns on the younglings. it was upsetting really. we pretty much knew what was happening but still didnt want it too.

all in all, fantastic film, acting was much better, storylines blended very well, cant wait to see it again...
"It's like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black."
I hate to see the series end. Does anyone else remember hearing that Star Wars was going to be a trilogy of trilogies (I'm going way back now) or do I just need my medication adjusted?

Han Solo Wrote:I have this thread for people who have seen this movie, to post their thoughts and reviews.

sith lord please try to keep your thoughts to one post if you are the only poster in a thread.

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