Why do you think Anakin Turned to the Dark side? (Possible spoiler)
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I can imagine quite a bit.
Why do you think that Anakin turns to the dark side?
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I can imagine quite a bit.
Confusedo: RobRoy, you said earlier that Palpatine arranged the capture of Ani's mother by the sandpeople...Really???I thought it was a random unplanned event...
"At last we will have revenge":angry:
Yeah, I thought it was a random event too. Please RR, enlighten us on this.
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I always thought it was Anakin's passion and lust for greater power that got the best of him, and ultimately turned him to the darkside. It was all a plot by Palpaltine, being able to see the future. he saw that Padme was going to die obviously, or he wouldn't have said it. Palpaltine was trying in all sorts of manners to bring Anakin to the darkside, with much success in my opinion, but his wife was his passion and that is the straw that broke the camels back. Palpaltine got him with the powers taught by Darth Plagueous the Wise, in which to save people from dying. That's what did it!! He ultimately turned to save his wife.
"All to easy!" <-- Darth Vader EP V :angry:
He turned because he became emotionally attached. He was thinking with his pecker. Jedi aren't allowed to do that. I blame padme, if she was a biffer, non of this would have happened.

Qui Gon also should have left him on Tattooine with Watto. It was obvious he was a moody little bugger.
i have to agree that Padme was the single biggest factor, Anakin just could not buy into the entire Jedi thing of having no emotional attachment to anybody and understadingly dismissed the Green ones advise when he suggested this.

Plus the Jedi keeping him out of the loop all the time royally ****** him off. For example if Mace had taken him along to confront Palps rather than telling him to go to his room (more or less) thing may have turned out different.

Anakin was left out in the cold and the more annoyed he got the more his fellow JEDI did it. But yes, the entire love thing and his fear of loss was the cornerstone of his transformation.
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