fave character
wat is your fave charater that orlando plays???
mine is legolas!! :drool:
My favorite Orlando Bloom character is Will Turner from the Pirates of the Caribbean.
cool i like will turner but i love legolas!!
Legolas in LOTR, best archer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love him as Legolas.
Legolas of course! I even have a huge life size cardboard thing of him as Legolas.
If you marry me,
Would you bury me?
Would you carry me
to the end?

(And say goodbye) to the last parade
(And walk away) from the choice you made
(And say goodnight) to the hearts you break
And all the cyanide you

To the End.
Legolas and second would be Will Turner from pirates of the caribbean
I think he manage very well to express every characters
I have seen him play.
Apart from maybe Joe Byrne in Ned Kelly.
I did not feel this worked so very well..
..of course this is only my opinion.

Anyway.. Legolas will always be very special for me.
Because of Tolkien Legolas was so very special for me
already when I was very young.
When I was horseriding through the forest ..
..I was daydreaming about him.
I hoped he would be there..
..that I suddenly would see him..
..standing there between the old oaks.
Of course he never did..
And I growed older and started to date mortal men.
But the romantic special warm memory of Legolas
I have been keeping in my heart over the years.
And still when I am riding in the forest..
..I feel touched by the thoughts of him..
..and I smile ...secretive.

So then a day it was time to see what Peter Jackson
had managed to creat.
And I was nervous....
..that he and the man he had choosen
to be Legolas would break my special feeling.
But Oh My God...
..I had nothing to fear..
what a wonderful legolas Orlando is...
..so wonderful...
He took my breath away..
..in every respect...
..and for this I am grateful.
The truth is out there....hmmm..so I think I stay inside for a while...
I like him as Will turner, legolas n paris . Cant decide which i like best.....Heart
Well, though I can't say it with the eloquence Marie just did, Legolas is my favorite character as well. Even when I first read the books (which was about a month before I saw the movie... but in my defense when I saw the trailer before reading the books I had no idea who was who), Legolas was my favorite.

Will Turner is very sweet, but he just seems so naive. Puppyish. As opposed to the deadly but beautiful Legolas, always sure of himself (ok except that one bit in TTT when Aragorn yells at him about the men at Helm's Deep being dead men walking).... Still, I have hopes for the Pirates sequel(s), of seeing some growth from both Will Turner and Orlando.

And Paris just grates on my nerves. Pretty to look at, but generally useless, imo. I do think, however, that he played the character very well; I disliked Paris for who he was, not for how he was being played.

I haven't seen anything else that Orli's been in. I'm looking forward to Elizabethtown, though.
Definitely Legolas. He was great as that character.
hmmm, that is a hard one! But I surtainly don't like legolas! I don't like him with blond hair! I didn't start noticing until Pirates... so I gess any caracter, ecxept legolas

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