Why I killed my television
In another thread, I mentioned that I don't receive television anymore. I was then asked the following:

Boba,Obi Wan,Jango Wrote:WHAT, YOU'RE NOT WATCHING TV!!!!!
You poor man. Now I'm not a religous man,but I'll say a special prayer for you tonight.

This isn't the first time that I've heard this. It seems like it's un-American to not watch television religiously. This is not the first time that I've lived without television for an extended period. But in each case, I never missed it. Sure, I wasn't up on the latest episode of Seinfeld or South park, but somehow, I didn't feel like my life was missing anything.

So when asked:

Quote:P.S May I inquire as to why you're not getting you're daily dose of tv?

I've come up with a list of several reason.

I grew up on television. I love it's power to entertain, to teach, to prompt thinking. As Homer Simpson said, television is: "Mother, father, teacher, lover." But television, for the most part, does none of these things. What I've found is that:

1- The greater majority of television is total and utter tripe.
2- It cost about $600 a year for us to have cable (we don't receive local signals).
3- I only caught four regular shows anyhow, and those only during the regular season.
4- Those shows I did catch are rushed to DVD almost as soon as they've aired.
5- I'd rather invest $360 with Netflix, watch an entire season of my favorite shows in a couple of sittings, and not be interupted by commercials.

Finally, a comment from my favorite Friends character, Joey Tribiani, "You don't have a television. What do you point all the furniture at?" That everyone laughs at this (in general) is indicative of a number of issues, most of which are not positive.

So what are the reasons that you have, or don't have, television?
Is it truly that odd to not have television?
Would it impact you greatly if you didn't? Why?
All your base are belong to us.

It could be that the purpose of my life is only to serve as a warning to others.
Well I guess wer're on opposite ends of the spectrum RobRoy. Last time I added my average weekly tv watching, it equaled to 55.5 give or take considering circumstances. Mind you I often do other things while watching tv eg) go on the internet (I'm watching tv right now) And I still have time to watch DVDs and play ps2 and x-box.

Anyway, The reason I have tv is because I just love to watch. I just latch on to so many good shows and can't stop.Anad thats not meant to sound like a bad thing. I just like to be enetertained by moving pictures basically.

I don't know if it is that odd to not to have tv(sorry if I sounded a bit like a jackass in that other thread) . On one hand so many people in the western world have tv, but on the other hand everyone has things they don't like (Like lousy rotten sport :bg: ) and I guess tv can be one.

I suppose without tv I would be impacted greatly , but my love for dvd's and video games would go into emergency fill-in-the-gap mode and I would just increase my usage of those :tongue: .But yeah it would be weird not to be able to watch tv.

P.S RobRoy, You were right! The O.C does suck(well at least the 2nd season)Unlike the 1st season I can't stand it :dead:

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I enjoy it for the entertainment. I especially enjoy Britcoms and mysteries.

I also like TV for the news programs. I watch current weather and road conditions, and there are sometimes news reports that have video that a newspaper or radio can't equal.

I also like watching the educational channels- history, bio, food. On Saturdays I watch programs on monuments, hotels, excavation and history. Watching the film portions of how these were built is better than a book.

Renting DVD's is fine, but I don't have to make a trip to a store or bother with netflix. I live in a rural area, and the fewer trips into town the better. Netflix would be OK but still something I would have to think about, and it wouldn't have the immediate variety that I can get with satellite.

Before we got satellite we used to rent a few videos every week. I figured that if we don't rent anymore that the savings, including the trips into town, would make up some of the expense. The availability of programs that I like- Poirot, the cooking shows, Perry Mason, PBS shows that I can see clearly instead of through the haze that is pulled in by the antenna, makes up the rest of it.
I have to admit that I and my family don't watch TV very much at all (compared to most people). We do not have Cable, and probably the only show that we watch is Extreme Makeover (Home Edition) that my sister begs to watch. My mom might watch an occasional late night show, but for her, she mainly has it on for the noise, it's what she grew up with. The main reason we have a TV is so we can watch movies/DVDs. Then we don't have to sit through commercials and we can know what we are going to see when we see it. When I have my own house, that will the all the use that it has for me. Just to play movies. You're not alone RR.
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It was kind of a gradual process. As a kid and a teen I could be a TV fiend. It got to be like chewing gum for the brain: I got home, got in, about twilight I was watching the late a'noon cartoons on the tube, even tho I'd seen them 10,000 times before, just vegging out, not even enjoying it. There were certain shows I'd watch fairly religiously in the evening.

When I grew up - well, when I found myself with a driver's license that said I was over 21, an income, an apartment, and so forth (once you've got those things, what's the point of growing up? :question: ), as a matter of course I got a stereo, a VCR, and cable. Cable had only been available in my town for a few years as of that time, and in my experience basic + a couple of movie channels was quite reasonable, & service was fairly good usually. I guess partly due to cable, the age of rapid flux in TV programming started ramping up. My old faves from the '70's and '60's were taking their curtain calls, while many new shows that often didn't last much longer than the pilot ep would flash and die.

A strange thing was starting to intrude into my television watching: a life! For one thing, those from whom my income came started getting, well, rather needy. They were awfully stuffy about the concept of perhaps just mailing me my paychecks, which would have been IMO much more convenient for all involved! I would have been happy to provide stamped, self-addressed envelopes! Confusedo: (As Dogbert said,"I was hoping for direct deposit, actually") Oh no siree, they started obsessing over piddly matters like attendance, and performance. (sigh!) Just can't please some.

Anyway, the nature of my employment over the years, the hours, and the length of the commute (at one time, 55 mi one way), tended to preclude regularly catching any prime-time shows. Sometimes I would indeed veg out watching music videos on MTV (Yes, I'm that ancient: I remember when MTV started, and they played music videos all day and night. My pet dinosaurs would peek in the windows as 20-something Madonna gyrated with her lingerie on outside her clothes...) If I wanted to, um, actually do something, like take courses or participate in any organized activities, it was a conflict between that & tube, & tube started losing. Sometimes I'd want to go out and eat something I hadn't prepared (ugh!) myself, or to meet people who didn't come in a box with a glass window and knobs. Having a vehicle that on a good day was capable of self-locomotion, and a bit of cash for gasoline meant sometimes I had to get out on a weekend and point its grille in some direction & see where I ended up. The apartment complex had a pool to hang out by. The box's hold on me started ever so subtly weakening.

When I relocated, sometimes I delayed a long time before getting cable, sometimes I didn't bother. When destiny landed me back near my old hometown, I got cable again, but found myself almost never watching much TV except The Weather Channel (which annoyed me because whenever anything 'interesting' was going on they would blank out the all-too-brief peek at the radar with big warning banners :mad: ) . By then, I really resented being tied down to the all-wise programming VP's scheduling ordinances. Then, three things happened around the same period:
1. the predecessor to the public Internet, the online services, came into being.
2. I had started trying to follow Star Trek: Voyager. Just as I got interested, the season ended & IIRC the syndicator got full of themselves & demanded broadcasters pay big bucks for a package of shows. Of course my cable co wasn't having it, so bye-bye Voyager!
3. By this time, the service standards of the cable co were deteriorating badly. I lived in a building in which 8 apartments were clustered, with a cable junction box serving all 8. I noticed that whenever anyone moved in or out, my service would get knocked completely out. When I'd complain, they'd give me the old "be there between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM" routine. NO WAY JOSE, I CAN'T TAKE HALF DAYS OFF TO MEET THE CABLE GUY, EVEN IF HE ACTUALLY SHOWS UP! :angry:
Need I add the monthly rates were skyrocketing? Oh, but we get more channels for our money. Yeah, right, all the worthwhile stuff is on extra-cost premium channels, tho. More channels of 24-7 infomercials and home shopping on basic, oh joy oh bliss. Heart
After about the third time, I told them just to cancel my service. :lol: And that was that.
If I wanted to see a movies, but not at the theater (which I only did going out with someone!), I'd rent or buy tapes, or nowadays, DVD's. As Robroy pointed out, now a lot of those TV series I never caught are out on DVD sets if I'm interested. (Never watched Futurama on broadcast unless with someone, but now I've got 3 seasons, only watched 2).

Now, I usually go on the 'Net for weather, news, info, and much entertainment (Although I'm not a downloader or gamer, and still have dialup at home). I prefer to watch movies at home rather than theater, when I'm of a mind, because:
1. Very few theaters serve beer, least of all my favorite brands, and they're kind of stuffy about BYOB!
2. I have yet to go to the lobby and find they have spaghetti, or crabcakes, or boiled shrimp + cocktail sauce on the menu, let alone beer to wash it down with. (I shudder to think what such might cost if they did!) :eek:
3. They're even stuffier about letting me lie across the seats in my underwear. (Hard to blame them, actually!)
4. And they're really stuffy about stopping the movie while I go load up on more shrimp, another Abita Amber, or to subject the plumbing to some serious stress testing.
Now, I've got a pile of tapes and DVD's I haven't even started watching yet.
Also, I read more. And I come to sites and forums like this one, :hello: to read about and discuss books, & other things that interest me & others. Doesn't that beat vegging out in front of the tube any day? Cool
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I agree with some of the sentiments expressed here. TV has largely lost its magic for me.

The only shows I really watch now are Stargate: SG1, Lost, Smallville, Corner Gas, and the odd episode of Charmed (which I have lost interest in due to their habit of killing off my favourite characters). There are a number of shows I used to watch religiously, but am losing interest in now. Something about TV has lost its appeal.

As for movies, I will ALWAYS prefer to go to the theatre. It's so much more magical (*shudders* -- cursed alliteration). The lights are off, people are quiet, and I don't have to worry about members of my family running up and down the stairs, disturbing the atmosphere.
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Movie theaters are nice because they are an escape. As Camech said, everyday activities and distractions are temporarily suspended. When I watch a movie on tv or a DVD I am all the time hopping up to answer the phone, or take the laundry out, or stir supper. I like to see visually impressive movies on the big screen so I can become more immersed. The LOTR series, for example, is good on small screen, too, but I am glad that I saw it on big screen. Similarly if I want to become immersed in the music, I like the theater experience.
WHen I was 14 the TV broke down and my Dad didn't get it fixed or replaced for an entire year. It wasn't bad... the only thing I regretted about it was that it was the year 1989, when a LOT of stuff was happening (Communism unravelling, Berlin Wall falling, etc.) I read the newspapers of course. But I'd have liked to see the footage.

But it did prove we could manage without the tube.

I don't watch TV much these days either... but that's mainly because my housemates are all soccer buffs. They have satellite TV and they're willing to stay up late watching one match after the other. Not my cup of Yerba Mate, kava, coffee, or earl grey...

Oh, they also have a PLayStation 2 AND an X-Box. If they're not watching matches one of them is usually playing something. I sometimes watch when an RPG is being played. First person shooters make me nauseous though. Wish they'd get OddWorld:Abe's Odyssee so I can laugh my head off.
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We didn't have a TV when I was a kid.

Now I have one but I don't really watch it much, and when I do I normally end up regretting after because it turns out to be a waste of time. To counteract this I'm getting stricter with myself and switch off as soon as it gets just a little bit stupid (which is mostly the case).

The thing I used to like most about TV was getting the news and current affairs. But this is very watered down and tinted compared to waht you get from the broadsheets aor even the internet so I've given up on watching TV news.
I had the good fortune to work at a summer camp for boys for three summers in a row at age 15, 16, and 17. No TV for 10 weeks at a time. Broke my habit or prevented its acquisition. I had much rather be reading. Working out the mind, running the old imagination, and avoiding the inanity that TV seems to be. I think the best use is the Quiz show format to check your knowledge of the general...though I always fare poorly on the TV and movie questions. Not that I worry much about that! Confusedo:
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Blasphemy......tv........Blasphemy................Aargghh.............. :thud: ............ :wink: :wink:

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On a related question, how do people feel about channel surfing?

Me, I can't stand it. If you don't have anything in particular you want to watch, don't bother turning the TV on. Mindlessly flicking through channels is incredibly irritating. Whenever my dad has the remote, I have to leave the room.
Life sucks. Unless bad things happen, you can't be sure you're actually alive.
Well I channel surf,but only if there are 2 things I want to watch on at the same time. I usually flip between the two every now and then.

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Lmao...people tend to freak out when I say I don't watch tv. Someone is always like "Have you seen this comerical?" or "So and so on Real World did this....did you see it?". No, I have not. I haven't had cable or local channels in 8 monthes. And only on and off for a couple years before that. I also do not own any play console except Super Nitendo. I rarely rent movies....that's because I work at a movie theatre. If I want to see it when it comes out I see it for free. And I have watched every older movie that I have had any need to see.
I just have no urge to get cable. Every now and then I hear about a show I might want to watch, but I forget about it so quickly that it's not worth wasting the money. I have almost all of Buffy on DVD. The only TV on DVD I plan to own....with the exception of SOAP.
I guess I am just not into addictions.
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My cable is generally only on three to four of the hundreds of channels it gives me, I could live solely on Sky One and UK living then only a few days a week. It did go off a week ago, and the only reason it bothered me was the finale of Stargate was on and I missed it. I was without TV for fourteen hours and didn't miss it an iota. But the telephone lines were down also which meant no internet which I missed a tad more than the TV. I tune in for a few odd favourite programs, which I can record and watch later. I'd much rather watch a movie than the TV, then again I'd rather read a book than watch a movie. TV has changed so much from what it used to be. I find myself thinking about investing in buying the DVD's of shows made over twenty years ago, from my childhood and beyond in order to have something interesting to watch rather than the junk they have on nowdays.

It does offer some escape for an hour chilling, but like I said, a book offers me much more solace and relaxation than the TV can.
In the past 6 months or so my family got the new digital cable boxes for all the tvs.

Only like $10 more than our last package (I think it is about $100 a month, but hey, im not paying it).

We get about 500 channels.

My dad also recently got a HDTV and an HDTV box with a built-in DVR tivo-type thing.

My dad is hooked - watches about 20 diff shows a week (bad effects of tivo).

I only watch about 5-6 shows on a weekly basis that I cannot miss an episode of, and only 2 now are currently running new episodes. Currently my tv shows that I now do not want to miss an episode of: Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica, Lost, and now the good 4th season of Enterprise.

A little bit of other shows here and there, but I don't care if I miss epiosdesof those.

These are all either on free to air channels or the Sci-fi channel. Big Grin But having over 100 diff movie channels is kind of cool.

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