URGENT stop spam/porn attacks in the star trek forum PLUS
There are currently porn spam attacks going on in the Star Trek forums.

I seem to be the only one to have seen them so far...

Probably 1 guy with 2 aliases - "agent goatsex" and "fnordalpha" posting topics with VERY DISTURBING GRAPHIC pictures of naked men........

It is very disturbing. I would never to think to see that on this board. Made me almost want to puke.

The real unforutnate thing is that SpringfieldST was online while these attacks started and when i posted in them for them to be stopped.

There is no way of contacting admins and mods besides email - so in an emergency situation like this, even when there are mods and admins on - the only way I have of contacting them is via email.

Maybe enable pming to mods and admins?

I sent a slightly more detailed email to Springfield calling for help, maybe have him/her post it in the mod forum.

-The very very disturbed helpless to do anything HOBBIT
now the topics they are posing is increasing. Perhaps it is 2 diff people - would have to check ips.

It also looks like they are spreading out of the Star Trek forum. Sad

I posted this topic here because I know that an email is sent to every mod and admin when something is posted here, right?
just to update situation - Arcadia now on, has seen topics, and is taking care of it.

I can see from the "who is online" that Arcadia is doing moderator stuff - BUT "agent goatsex" is creating more topics as well still.

-logging off now that situation is in process of being handled.
Thank you for the alert, Hobbit.
Thank you Hobbit ...sadly sometimes it takes a little while for one of us to respond but posting here is good idea as it does send out an automatic e-mail to all admins.

Thanks for the help it is very appreciated by us all. I will leave this thread up but am locking it as the situation has been taken care of.

Thank you and we apologize if anyone was offended some people it seems just get their kicks out things like this.

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