The future of the Post
When was the last time you wrote and sent a letter by post, rather than e-mailing?

Is the public POstal service obsolete? I was reading an article about deterioration in postal services in the Untied States.

What shall the future be? E-mails complemented by private couriers (for packages), with Govt run post being dissolved?
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About a week ago, in fact.
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Daily in business and nearly daily personally. Life without the post would be difficult to imagine. :ohno:
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I love sending real mail. Smile The look of someone's handwriting is very personal, and heartwarming. The selection/inclusion of meaningful/beautiful art is exciting. The only thing better than sending a letter or card is getting one! Heart
The only snail mail that I use is for bills and packages. Even then, most of my packages are ordered online.

I hardly ever send actual letters via anything but email.
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I don't send snail mail all that much any more, but I do to a few people now and then. I personally love getting "real" mail. One of the most amazing things is getting a "real" letter from someone you've known only through a forum--it is so much fun. Receiving mail from them makes them seem so much more real--they do exist out there, somewhere beyond internet space. Yet they are still a trifle mysterious, if you haven't met them in person. Oddly enough, two of the three forum people I've actually met face to face, I received snail mail from first.

I must admit to loving email--my email correspondence can be voluminous at times. The mail people around here don't always pick up letters and it's a minor hassle to get to a post office or box. And email is just so darn fast! So magical! So palantir-like!
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I sent a private letter a few months ago. I don't think the post will ever become obsolete.
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i write letters and find recieving letters through the post is better than an email. Also we get stuff from Ebay, so we use the postal system quite often.
i think that the postal system is affected by email, but it will survive.
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The postal system is vital for my area of work. And all the stuff i get from eBay. Birthday cards for relatvies scattered around the country are nicer to be sent by post i think. Its only really letter i dont send anymore and if everyone stopped doing that, i dont think it would be enough to make the postal system become obsolete.
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I sent a letter via snail mail to my friend two days ago actually. I don't usually e-mail her.
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