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While it is unlikely at this time that SciFi would cancel Battlestar, I am being paranoid after what happened with Firefly. In that line of thought, I have put together an online petition at

I hope to send the list of names to the good people at SCIFI/NBC Universal before Feb 1st. There's not much time, so pass the link on and sign the petition! If you also happen to know any execs at SciFI or NBC Uni, point them at it too. I'm sure we can get tons of signatures!

This is my fav BSG web site..
Its a cool site.... It discusses the TOS and the TNS.. I have posted my own fanfic there..Its a WIP ..I hope I will beable to post it here sometime soon.
I also post cgi art work also..

I am Taranis there also
Trae posted this link to Ron Moore's blog, where he answers some questions from fans:

Thanks, Trae!
#5 <----- great site to discuss Battlestar Galactica(Old & New) plus other topics in general. :bg:

EDIT: Be fore-warned. This board is a Free Speech Board. People speak there minds. You have to have thick skin there sometimes. just thought you should know. Wink

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My Forums :chinese:
A guide to Battlestar Galactica episode guides:
Hello there! :wave:
Am new on this messageboard. A friend pointed towards this site, since I've recently started watching & loving BSG TNS.
Decided to make a website about BSG. This small corner on the web features my webart (wallpapers, avatars, web design). Here's the link: In the linkssection I put up my favourite BSG links, which I am sure you already know about Wink

Welcoime aboard. Do I sense a Lucy fan in your site?

The official website of Terry Carter, best known for his part as Col. Tigh in the original Battlestar Galactica
here is the new site created for Fox.... great one with good comps too. yes i entered! Smile

To all Galactica fans!

Mike (mikedx) and I have been tracking (original series) Battlestar Galactica cast, guest stars and crew for years only to get one single photo or tradingcard signed. After a while we started thinking on publisihng some of the stories they told in their reply letters. Even the smallest parts sometimes had great stories that no Galactica fan had ever heard before. About one and a half year ago, we decided to really do something with this and started interviewing these guest stars again, but now by phone. Sometimes the scheduled 10 minute interviews easily became 30-45 minutes, because most of them really enjoyed talking to us.

Recently we also picked up on the New Galactica series and interviewed some of the main cast. Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol) also really enjoyed the questions and stayed on the phone for almost a full hour! This interview is published in our first issue. So is the interview of Dan Bacon who works as a reader on the show. He also has some interesting stories to tell!

So, check it out:

A new Battlestar Galactica site about the people in front of and behind the camera of ALL Battlestar Galactica series. There will be a new online magazine published every two weeks with new interviews!

As soon as we find someone tat can make professional podcasts for us, we'll also start offering the interviews as audio!

Oh, and how about:

The official website of Anne Lockhart, better known as Sheba in the original series.
Battlestar Zone

A Battlestar Galactica community site and fan forum. We have one of the largest collections of character pictures from the new series, as well as a full episode listing.

Check it out!
And now Xenite.Org has ventured (back) into the realm of providing video for our visitors.

We've just launched a new Grace Park Video section for our growing Grace Park fan site.

And I've been remiss in mentioning that we now also have a great new Battlestar Galactica News & Grace Park News section. Lots of headlines from around the world.

Juicy Flawless, my Lucy Lawless fan-site.

I would have liked to have a forum (there aren't any sole Lucy oriented ones that are highly active) but I just don't have enough space for one. I do have a photo gallery however, that more than makes up for it (if I do say so myself!) :wave:

I'm currently working out new things in the content, like BSG/XWP ep guides and reviews. The gallery has tons of Xena pics, both screenshots and still images, but for BSG I only have still images. I haven't gotten a NetFlix account to rent season 2.5 yet Sad

blog post reviews of Season 4 start here at Infiniite Regress ... and 5-min podcast reviews start here at Levinson news clips ...

Battlestar Galactica's back and bristling....
A site of fan-fic, for Classic BSG, Neo-BSG, and assorted other franchises....

MYCode Guide

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