Problem w/reply to quote
I was replying to a quote just now,and I got an error message saying my reply was too short-how can that be? My reply was at least 3 sentences long. The error message said the reply had to be at least 20 characters. I know my reply was more than that. After several attempts to do this, I gave up and replied the regular way.
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Hmmm . . . I've hit this a couple of times myself. For me it was the fact that I also included the quote message in my count. The system doesn't count the use of the quote as part of your reply.

Could this have been the problem?
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Unfortunately, this is a feature that VBulletin inserted into the software, probably because many forum admins were becoming frustrated with thread-spamming, where people would just pile up meaningless replies to increase their post counts.

I don't think it's a good idea, myself, as I have seen many people both here and on other forums type in lots of pointless comments just to get past the minimum. If it is configurable, I haven't seen where to set the limit, but I'll look again and see if we can arrange some flexibility.

And now I have looked but I only see that we can adjust the number of characters up or down, but even setting it to zero doesn't turn off the feature. I think the problem is in the algorithm used by the software. So, I'm going to leave it at 20 for now.
The last time I tried this, it seemed to work alright. I can understand the reasoning behind this to a degree, but,like you said,Michael,I've seen what you have seen-pointless replies to add to the count. In any event, it seems to be working ok now.
"what the world needs now is love"

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