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In the User CP, at Edit Options, there is a Use 'Email Notification' by default thing that emails you whenever someone replies to you. Well, I do not want to recieve those email notifications 'cause I'm on the net almost every day and can see the replies. So I chose that 'no' option, but am still recieving lots of emails.

Help me prevent this, please?
Make sure you also unsubscribe to any threads as they will also generate e-mails when someone replies.

I have double checked your account and it is turned off.

Guess this is a case for our magic pixie to solve ....hey Dixie!!!!

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I'm not the pixie, but I'm pretty sure that thread subscriptions are handled separately from automated reply notifications. So, even if you turn off the email notices about replies, if you subscribe to threads, you should still receive emails.

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