The Village - NO SPOILERS!
I thought the movie was OK, but not up to the standards of Shyamalan's other films. I was able to guess the ending before the "big reveal" but there were moments that caught me by surprise.
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I had a hunch about the creatures, but the other reveal caught me by surprise (the picture). I had to blink a couple of times before I realized what I was looking at, lol. Love the movie, much better than Signs imo, back to the level of Unbreakable and the Sixth Sense.
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After I saw The Village at the cinema, I came out feeling just a little disappointed with it. But I couldn't get it out of my head, and after a couple of days I was saying to myself, "actually, I REALLY enjoyed that movie." I think it's one of those films that takes its time to register into the psyche. I'm definitely going to buy the DVD. And, like you GamgeeFest, I had an inkling about the creatures, but the other thing knocked me for a six!

I'm a big fan of M. Night Shyamalan, and immensely looking forward to what he does next, anticipation gets stronger with every movie he brings out.

I love Unbreakable the best though, has to rank in my Top 10 movies of all time.
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