Assault on Precinct 13
Of all the movies coming out soon, I'm looking forward to Assault on Precinct 13 the most.

I have not seen John Carpenter's original, but I'm planning to see it before the remake comes out.

I think Ethan Hawke has easily been one of the top 5 American actors in the last decade. His performances in Gattaca, Tape (an amazing film, check it out if you're into character driven drama), and Training Day are evidence enough of that, I feel. I know he can carry a movie, we'll see how he does with this one.

Laurence Fishburne, save for a character role in Eastwood's Mystic River, hasn't really had a good vehicle for his talent since the original Matrix movie in 1999. I'm hoping that Assault really showcases his range.

I didn't find out until last week that Drea de Matteo and Gabriel Byrne were in it, too. I love de Matteo, and Byrne is freakin' awesome. Also, Hugh Dillon, front man from the Canadian band The Headstones is in the movie. For those that saw Ginger Snaps Back, he played the priest.

Anyway, as you can tell, I'm way hyped about the movie. My hopes are that it's a killer combination of action and great performances.

Most people groaned when they heard that another remake was being made, especially of a movie that's a cult classic.

I'm also encouraged that relatively new French director, Jean-François Richet, was chosen to helm the movie. His previous work is apprently drama. Better than going with some music video director that's all about flash and bang.

Am I the only one excited about this? Anyone have any thoughts?
I'm definitly going to see this movie, I saw the original and although it was low budget......VERY low budget it was a very enjoyable movie. I just hope that they have left most of the original aspects in the new version.
''Stand, Men of the WEST!''
Yay, I'm not the only one from Sf-F that's gonna see it! :bg:

I'm hoping to have time tomorrow to see the original. I'll post my thoughts when I do get the chance to see it.

Apparently the new one is set in Detroit. Is that where the original was?
Ummm....If I remember correctly then yes, but I could very easily be mistaken, as its along time since I saw it.
''Stand, Men of the WEST!''
I'll be seeing this. I haven't seen a good action movie in a while, and this looks promising. Plus I tend to like prison break type movies.
Watched the original this afternoon. It's actually set in L.A.

That's some grade-A John Carpenter, though. It's got that same grit and grime that Escape From New York had. Wonderful stuff.

The biggest surprise for me was the following:

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When the little girl is shot in cold blood!

That's like the number one no-no in American film, as far as I know! I can't think of any other movie that that's happened in. Not to such an innocent kid, anyway.

It's a very simple movie, really, so I think it lends itself well to a remake.
Saw it this afternoon. Lived up to my hopes, for the most part. It does an excellent job of referencing the original.

Anyone else see it yet?

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