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I would like to request a board for the television show, Lost. Currently there are five threads devoted to this show on the General Science Fiction Televsion board (one main thread, for general discussion with spoilers; one for an actor who plays Sawyer (but this is not directly related to show, and therefore I would not count it as such); one for theories of what is going to happen as the plot develops; one for sharing pictures; and one for the discussion of favorite characters). I am of the opinion that if the show were given a board of its own, it would generate many threads besides these and with those threads would come a multitude of in-depth discussions amongst the show's fans; and I am not alone in this opinion. I am sure there are a great many people throughout SF-Fandom that would also enjoy a Lost board. I am aware of the policy followed by those who control this board in selecting whether or not a new forum will be created, but in this instance I believe creating a new board would be a worthwhile and welcome addition to this wonderful forum of Fandoms.
I would like to add my support for this board. Just by checking out the General Sci Fi board and briefly skimming through the Lost thread one can see that numerous intelligent discussions have sprung up, and that there are quite a few posters who have displayed interest in the television show Lost. Keep in mind that this hasn't even been a full season of Lost yet and already the Lost thread is quite advanced and that in itself should display the interest in this fascinating show.
Word. :alien:
Thank you both we have had a number of other enquiries about a forum for the show the prospect looks good and we will let you know as soon as possible.

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