Posting here on behalf of a friend who cannot....
Hey this is Athena with Nip being my minion and posting through me. I haven't been around for a few weeks because of RL and whatnot, and I've been having computer problems so yesterday I deleted my cookies. I tried to log in today but it wouldn't let me, said it was the wrong password. Then I tried the email password and no email. I KNOW its the right password and I've now tried all the passwords I can think of thirty some times. Please help. If you want to get in contact with me my email address is Hopefully someone can clear this up, thanks in advance for your help.

Please check both your e-mail accounts and let me know if you still have not received your password within the next 24 hours.

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Ah, yes. Finally it works. After all that time I can sign in once more. Thank you very much for your help Stripe (and yours to Tancred).
Word. :alien:

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