jersey girl
did anyone here see Jersey Girl? I don't usually dig drama flicks, but it was hot as lava! I'm so frigging angry though, look what this mean dude says about it and Lord Smith:
I've seen Jersey Girl.

I wasn't too impressed it with it. I thought the review was sort of accurate, it wasn't the best preformance done by any of the actors. I thought Liv and Ben did alright together, and the beginning with the Bennifer duo was okay.

The story just didn't really seem to be going anywhere. Smith could've made it alot more in-depth than he did.

As for the review saying: The fact that Jay and Silent Bob never appear and try to get Gertie high, probably angered Smith traditionalists... :laugh: That would've made the movie a little more memorable. :tongue:

In the end...not really worth seeing unless it's the only thing on TV. Give me a DVD of Dogma any day. :bg:
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okay in my opinion it was a pretty crappy movie even though liv tyler was in it :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: Huh Huh
There's a full thread and discussion on Kevin Smith's Jersey Girl already.

Pretty much any movie released while this board has been active has been reviewed or has discussion on it.

Since this is a duplicate thread, I'm gonna close it.
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