Your most emotional movies
Not many movies make me cry. I rarely show emotion during movies because at my house you're seen as "weak" for showing sad emotion during a movie. But, these are the few that have teared me up during rare scenes.

Pearl Harbor: yes, I know it's sad, but I cried during this one. Yep, when Danny died and afleck said "But you're gonna be a father." and danny says "No, you are." I'm sorry I just fell apart.

City of Angels: When meg ryan died that morning just after he turned from a angel to human to spend entirnity with her and she died, nope couldn't take it.

I think that's about it. I'm fairly stong during these kinds of movies. But I'm a solid horror flick fan.
"They are not romantically involved if that's what you're thinking." - Mulder
"Not even I would be so farfetched." - Scully

"I thought you said she was dead!" - Billy
"She looked dead man... still does..." - Stew
"Ring of Bright Water" About an otter who becomes a pet. Very sad.
"Map of the Human Heart" Eskimo story with Jason Scott Lee. Very very sad.
Haldir dying killed me every time at the movies....couldn't stay for the rest. Took me 21 goes before I consciously took in the rest of the film. Boromir's death scene still undoes me, even thinking about it.
The execution scene in "Anna and the King" was soooo sad my kids laughed at me sobbing.
"Titanic" when we see the old Rose die in her sleep with all the pictures around her, confirming that she carried out Jack's wish that she live fully.
The whole movie of "The Crow", knowing that Brandon died making it, but the saddest is when Shelley comes to get him at the end.
The story of Cameron Duncan, the inspiration for "Into the West"....oh oh, here I go again.....
" the Halls of Valhalla, where the brave may live forever..."
The Phantom fo the Opera was touching too.
i got choked up
Just been to see Million Dollar Baby at the weekend, and have to add this to one of the most emotional movies I've seen. A very powerful and moving film, with stellar performances from Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman and the wonderful Hilary Swank.
"You refer to the prophecy of the one who will bring balance to the Force. You believe it's this...boy?"
i want to see it but the time is againist me. I never have enough
Well! I cried in Titanic Big Grin
The Pianist, Passion of the Christ, Life is Beautiful, and The Phantom of the Opera all made me cry.
Beaches- I cried for a couple days

The Pianist, and Schindler's List- horrifying and sobering

I didn't see Titanic


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