Star Wars Dreams
Well, last night I had a very vivid dream about Episode 3. Some of which, from my quickly fading memory, was very violent and bloodthirsty.

Anyone else here have similar dreams about Star Wars or other fave shows/films?

Do I need to get out more?Blush
I don't think I've ever had Star Wars dreams. I'm sure I've had some relative to other tv shows or movies, but they must not have been very interesting, because I don't remember any specifics.
I once had a dream where I was going to see ep3(this was about a year ago). At firrst it was like a new film, then the rest became pieces of all the other films edited together. And the weird thing was that I was the only one who noticed and everyone else was saying it was the best movie of all time.
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Intersting subject but I can't say that I remember ever dreaming about Star Wars. I might have and just forgotten.
I can imagine quite a bit.
Quote:Originally posted by Han Solo
I might have and just forgotten.

That's the problem, isn't it. It's always soooo vivid at the time and then so quickly fades away.

From my now dim memory, most of it seemed to be set around Tatooine and there were some big battles, loads of Jedi and lots of execution style killings by Anakin /Darth Vader.

All rather dark and very tense.

I just hope I egt the same feeling of excitment when Episode three actually does make it to our screens - or maybe that's the real dream!

So.... do I need to get out more, or is this perfectly normal behaviour?
Quote:Originally posted by Jammin
So.... do I need to get out more, or is this perfectly normal behaviour?

Nah, perfectly normal. Personally I can almost always figure out why I dreamed about something. It's generally an element that crossed my mind briefly in the evening, not the things I obsess about. (No Eliza Dushku dreams :teary: )

For example, if I watch Star Wars this evening, it's not likely that I'll dream about it. If I'm reading a magazine and see an ad for season 4 of Star Trek Voyager on DVD, but I don't really spend time thinking about it, I very well may dream about Star Trek. That's how my mind works, anyway.

So yeah, perfectly normal. It's fun to dream about stuff like that. I had a dream once where I was driving really expensive cars. Nice, because I don't see myself getting my paws on one anytime soon in real life! :bg:
I started a dream diary a while ago, I keep it on my bed side table and write in it just after I wake up so I dont forget stuff. Needless to say there are some weird entries like being chased by a giant Panda - its funny now but it wasn't at the time! And my hand writing is like arabic that early :dead:. I'm sure I've had them but theres no recollection of SW dreams. Xbox and PC games seem to stick in my mind eg Delta Force and Desert Storm II as I'm heavily into these.
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I've had 2 similar dreams about star wars; in one I was on this death star trying to escape, and eventually I did by piloting a golden minivan with a little lazer like the Falcon has, which was awesome. My other dream was also on the death star, and I was supposed to be a prisoner but I went around anyway, and I saw the older Anakin talking to some bad guys, and he had James Earl Jones' voice, and I approved of this in a critical fan sort of way, but in the dream, which was crazy.
I don't think I have evr had a Star Wars dream
:clap: never :clap:

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