Chances of Episodes 7-9?
Lucas said he will not make the last three. He may change his mind but he did go a long time between episode 6 and 1. Something like 20 years or so. I think he is mid 60s now so if he is giong to make them he better hurry. My guess is he will give the rights to some understudy and let him do the movies with Lucas getting a producer credit and overview.
arm Wrote:Episode 7-9 was talking about Luke when he married with Mara Jade and he got [b]Ben Skywalker [/b] for his son.

I really have to doubt that, theres no Written history of Ben Skywalker as of yet. no telling if it would happen. i agree, theyd have to sub Han and Leia. Harrison is somwhere like late 50s and Carrie is just, not Leia worthy anymore. Mark would be ok, but hes in his mid 50s now also. I'd say, that they shouldnt continue with Luke but with another Jedi, and show Luke as the council leader. but seriously guys, they have old actors play young actors all the time. all it would take with mark is dye his graying hair brown again. and use a few forms of makeup.
Playwithfire101 Wrote:I really have to doubt that

So do I. Say what you will about Lucas, but when it's come to the films, he's kept all of it very close to himself. I do wonder what he's going to do now, though. Between the first set of films and the second he had the Indy movies and Young Indy tv series, and was developing technology. Now I think most of it's just fine tuning, I don't know if he's interested in that.
The books were amazing i dont care what anyone says i want them to be made into kmovies somehow.
No Chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think I would puke if 7-9 came out. Because again it's all about Lucas' nit picking. I would watch them for sheer interest in what happens, and allowing 7-9 to change my mind, but until then I do not want a third trilogy. Remember, Star Wars is Anakin's story, and 6 sees the end of Anakin's story. So that would be the spine of the movies immediately collapsing when 7-9 come out
General Grievous is a whole lot easier to say.

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