picasso at the lapin agile
i saw this play when it toured a few years back and it was hilariouos. i heard it was goingg to be released as a movie now. does anyone know when it will be out? imdb.com lists it at 2004, but nothing else.
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Depending on the size of the production, it may well have be released, and just never made it anywhere. This is the first I've heard of it being adapted to film.

I read Lapin Agile for an art class a few years back. It's a great piece of work, I think.
If you look at the fine print at the IMDB, it says it's in pre-production right now. Some of the crew have been announced, but no cast. Since director Fred Schepisi, who directed Martin's film "Roxanne" is listed as co-screenwriter, and he's filmed several stage adaptations before ("Plenty," "Six Degrees") it's probably safe to say that he'll direct.
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