Ivan the Terrible
Last week I was in Los Angeles for the whole week taking a pediatrics board review course. I was back for only one day when my husband and I decided to take our daughter and join the evacuation. They kept predicting a 20% chance that Ivan would come up the mouth of the Mississippi. New Orleans is shaped like a bowl, and most of it is below sea level - no basements, people have to be buried aboveground. We keep getting warned that it will be destroyed if the big one comes up the river through the Gulf.

We never left before - stayed for Andrew, Georges, and any number of tropical storms that dumped 18" of rain in our yard. But the last big hurricane threat was before my daughter was born, and we just couldn't stay this time. My partner was on call, she stayed at the hospital. It took 8 hours to get to Baton Rouge, where we slept in the Carl Maddox Field House at LSU with 1500 of our close and personal friends. By the middle of the night it was clear the storm had taken an eastward turn, and we drove home early in the morning to find only a few branches down in our neighborhood.

The devastation from Gulf Shores, Alabama, through the Florida panhandle is remarkable. It's not even just a matter of the power being out, it's just complete and utter destruction. I hope everyone who posts here from the southeast is OK - please let us know.

I don't want this to just sound like an entry in my diary, so here's the question: sometimes I think it's just crazy to live in a place where you live under the threat of your city being destroyed by a storm for six months out of the year. Right now there's Jeanne hitting the Bahamas and Karl right behind her, and an unnamed (yet) storm right behind Karl. Then I think about California, which I just visited, and I can't imagine living in a place that could be destroyed by an earthquake. Are we irresponsible to live here? Is any place really safe?
I think there are dangers in most places, i never understand why people want to live in the middle of America where all of those horrible tornadoes are!! but sometimes people dont have much of a choice, especially people with not a lot of money, i guess in a big city like LA people kind of think there are enough people there to make it seem like not such a big deal that they have earthquakes. Of course some disasters can be avoided, such as those buildings that are specially designed to not fall down in an earthquake, or basements to hide in when twisters attack.

Personally that is one thing i love about living in Australia, we dont really have earthquakes, tornadoes and tsunami's. hurricanes sometimes catch the northern areas a bit but it doesnt cause the devestation it does in other places.
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There is no place safe for anyone to live in the world. Some places have less obvious dangers, but all have dangers. Australia may be spared catastrophic weather, but the variety of snakes and spiders that are lethal, not to mention octopi and sharks might give one pause:bg: !

I now live over the New Madrid fault line in Missouri! I know the last quake in 1811-1812 killed 1500 folks then. Now 20 million folks live in the affected area. Are we all crazy? No, just human.

Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire: I wouldn't want to live near a volcano,but some choose to so do.

It is a great big wonderful and dangerous world, solar system, and universe.
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Uh-huh, scorpions in the southwest.:anxious: And remember the flooding in Iowa a few years ago? I've been through tornados in Minnesota that were scarier than any storm here in Louisiana - of course, you don't get much warning with tornados.

The thought of earthquakes has always frightened me the most. I think it's the fear of getting swallowed up by the earth.
My Dad and Step Mom live in PCB, FL---They evac'd out with friends in a big convoy of minivans, and sedans along with several hundred thousand of their closest neighbors to Daytona for some golf and were fine. Fortunately, their place was unscathed(even the pool enclosure was untouched).....a near miss with a tornado though from a neighbor's report(apparently they stayed)----it took off some roofs of nearby neighbors, and tragically, just down the street at one of the restaurants, two folks were killed after the roof being torn off(everything in that town is just down the street though---the affected restaurant needed to do something about their service anyway--surprising two people weren't killed by the food---used to be good, now bad)---I'm quite surprised that, as bad as the damage is....that it wasn't worse---apparently the waves were unbelievable in PCB---storm surge could have been far more devastating had the landfall been just a few more miles East. A friend in Biloxi who is 8 months prego was evac'd to the hospital with all the other preg ladies----she didn't give birth, but said she could definitely feel the pressure dropping/rising. Her low lying apt. and new car were untouched----power never went off. My Dad could be without power for a couple of weeks I guess---haven't talked to him since yesterday though, so maybe not. I was worried for awhile, They'd have to run from Jeanne too.

In reply to the posed question regarding the responsibility of abiding in a geographical area susceptible to major natural disasters.......I don't think it's irresponsible---it was cathartic-no, life changing for Lt. Dan, and Forrest made a hoop of money off of Camille. Smile I figure, if you didn't live there, someone else would, and there are plenty of other dangers out there---life is dangerous whereever you are---besides, The "World's most beautiful beaches" are down there----how relaxing. If you can handle the heat, humidity, and insurance premiums---go for it!! Plus, disasters create a lot of jobs---they wouldn't if no one lived there to have stuff destroyed. Heck, if I had a dump truck and backhoe, I'd be beating feet down to AL, and FL and contract out---somebody is going to have to clean all that up, and no one is going to do it for free. btw, talking about this reminds me: check out
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