Does anyone know the words to the Xena burial song?
Yeah, thanks for precising us this, Ratos, and welcome among us. Hope you'll have a great fun with us...

Personnaly, I don't know what to say about this... I'll try and figure this mystery out :p
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ratos wrote:
> However, I really do not think that these lyrics are from a song of Hayehudim.
> Moreover, I tried hard and I cannot hear the words "end of the world".
> Actually, the words I mention before does not remind me of any song I am
> familiar with; it is sound more like gathering of words together with no
> meaning. That could be a very interesting question to ask Lucy or Sharon.
> Hope I could help.

Thank you, Ratos!  Yes, you did help!  There is another thread where another person from Israel essentially said the same.  The Hayehudim association seems to be due to a misunderstanding on my side.  So, either Lucy sings mostly unintelligibly or she really threw together some gibberish together with a few Hebrew words and phrases she remembered.  There's still LoDuca's statement, however, so this seems to be a dead end which only Lucy can resolve.
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in the commentary for the episode seeds of faith, her and ROC also talk about how it was lucy herself who wrote it
(It’s Joxer the Mighty, almost late a century…answering you hopefully…)
This is what I found.
No translation into English but it’s at least a way to listen to the song.  Wink
I read through a lot of the replies to your question and giggled at how quickly it turned into a debate on if Lucy Lawless wrote the lyrics/melody or if it was taken from something else…. 
I believe your question was if anyone knew of an English translation and where you could download it…don’t see why it got so complicated.— literally lost in translation lol

(September 18th, 2004, 04:26 AM)xenagabby888 Wrote: Smile Hi everyone Just wanted to know if anyone knows the english words for the Xena Burial song? The one( Lucy )Xena sings ? I also wanted to know where I can download it. I love that. ThanksHeart Xenagabby888
*shrug* looks like it was pretty much answered above, c. 17 years ago - there is no English translation, and there are lots of Jewish Xena fans, but none have ever provided a translation. I'm reminded of the lyrics to the intro song for the Scott Pilgrim movie, which some fans call "Launchpad McQuack" even though the singer protests that's not its name. 😉 Others call it "We Are Sex Bob-omb" since that's how the drummer introduces it, but she's announcing the band.

The reality is that it was written as an instrumental, but the singer improvised some nonsense words that fit the rhythm. So the "lyrics" are something like:

Let me let me make ya stasis
Mama mama serpentine
I got a breathalyzer
And ya body clean...

I think Lucy's Hebrew may be like that.

Anyway, welcome to sf-fandom, where all joxer boys and girls thrive. 😀
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